Nutrition in osteoporosis in focus at Krifteler


by Adolf Albus

(04.08.2022) In the second half of the year, the family center in Kriftel is once again offering interesting free theme evenings on many different topics. It starts right after the summer holidays on Thursday, September 1, at 7 p.m. in the town hall and community center: in her lecture “Bone-healthy nutrition”, Christiane Ainetter, a qualified ecotrophologist and certified nutritionist, will provide information on how to prevent osteoporosis.

“Osteoporosis affects many people as they get older, especially women after menopause. Almost every second woman over the age of 70 struggles with it,” researched senior advisor Gabriele Kortenbusch. She therefore organized the lecture. “Often you don’t notice the disease at all at first, because the bone loss is slow and unobtrusive,” says Kortenbusch. Those affected often only become aware of it when bone fractures occur as a result of the disease without a strong external force being applied.

The speaker is convinced that the earlier you start, the more effectively you can prevent the development of osteoporosis. In addition to sport and exercise, nutrition is particularly important. In this context, Christiane Ainetter will focus in particular on the intake of calcium and vitamin D, but also on the acid-base balance, nutrition diaries and optimization strategies. Questions can also be asked.

Further information from Gabriele Kortenbusch at [email protected] or telephone (06192)4004-26.

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