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A revealing report in this note. Thousands of around the world succumbed to , where to access them, be they social networks, emails, web pages, etc., you need to create . For many of them, it is very tedious and challenging, so they often go to easy reminder ways that can end up playing against them.

Every time an account is to be created, it is tirelessly repeated that certain precautions must be taken -and in many cases there are recommendations- when creating not only the user, but the password, since a very personalized one would avoid putting it more strongly within the reach of hackers.

Unlike what you may believe today, there is a recurring problem in many -very many- people, who instead of combining numbers, letters, capitals and signs, prefer to use a very simple sequential number combination.

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Study by Ata Hakçıl

As highlighted Infobae Through a report by an engineering student at a university in Cyprus, Ata Hakçıl, ‘123456 ′ is the most used password in the last five years by users in the world, more specifically, around 7 million times repeated.

And it is that, after the analysis of billion credentials that were filtered in various security breaches suffered by different companies, code 123456 was repeated more than 7 million times.

But it is not the first time that this data, analyzed and revealed by cybersecurity companies, coincide that ‘123456 ′ is the most common password among netizens in the world. In fact, they had already alerted the population because, just as it is more used, it makes it the most insecure of the cybernetic world.

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What is the most used and least secure password in the world? (Getty)

Other data arising from the analysis

  • The billion credentials are made up of 168,919,919 passwords and 393,386,953 user names.
  • Only 12.04% of passwords contain special characters.
  • 28.79% of passwords are only letters.
  • 26.16% of passwords are lowercase only.
  • 13.37% of passwords are just numbers.
  • 34.41% of all passwords end with digits, but only 4.5% of all passwords start with digits.
  • Just 8.83% of passwords are unique – they were found only once. Its average length was 9.7 characters.

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What is the most used and least secure password in the world?  (Getty)
What is the most used and least secure password in the world? (Getty)

How to recognize if your password was leaked?

It is one of the websites that can offer you a report if your account and password were leaked. Developed by cybersecurity specialist Troy Hunt will tell you which one or which might have been leaked.

Another is , where also locating your email will indicate if your email appears in any reported leak. The only difference between the two websites may be the interface, one more friendly than the other.

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