Office 2021 and Windows 11 at less than 8 €, we challenge you to find less expensive elsewhere!

Take advantage of the Microsoft Office 2019 office suite from € 7.50 or new features in version 2021 at € 24.90 instead of € 159.90.

No need to wait for the sales to get a good deal! An actor is shaking up the codes of the used software license market by practicing unbeatable prices. You can take advantage of discounts of up to -60% on Microsoft Office 2019 or Windows 10 Pro packs and acquire Microsoft Office Pro Plus licenses for less than € 8.

And if you’re looking for the very latest versions, Microsoft Office 2021 and Windows 11 are also available for preview.

This player is called YesLicense and it is a French company that already has many satisfied customers according to TrustPilot, the reference site for verified customer reviews. YesLicense has a 95% satisfaction rate, not only because the licenses sold are verified, but also because the customer service is efficient and responsive.

YesLicense, a unique concept, we explain everything to you

A company wants to switch all its software to cloud edition or unfortunately, a company is in cessation of activity, YesLicense can buy back the license keys of the software that it had bought by a reseller and a distributor authorized by Microsoft. Indeed, the system of buying and selling used licenses is authorized in Europe according to the provisions of the Court of Justice of the European Union (UsedSoft GmbH vs. Oracle International Corp. judgment, dated July 3, 2012 (case c-128/11)).

Once YesLicense has purchased Microsoft products at the agreed price, it can resell them to its customers at bargain prices, especially because there is no other intermediary, nor premises, since everything is dematerialized. . This is because you do not buy physical media such as a DVD but only the activation code for the Office suite or the operating system. You will first need to download and install the ISO image of the operating system or the Microsoft Office suite from the Internet and then enter the license key. It’s as simple as that !

Once your order has been placed with YesLicense, you will receive an email within minutes with the invoice attached and the product activation code. And if a key turns out to be defective, YesLicense will provide you with a new one immediately.

What are the prices charged by YesLicense?

To give you an overview of the many offers for private use (individuals and computer repair shops) available at YesLicense, here are some examples of the most popular products and their incredibly low prices:

For Windows users who want to install multiple Microsoft products, YesLicense offers:

Another very attractive offer to share, the Microsoft Office 2019 Home and Small Business license for MAC is also available on YesLicense from € 7.50 for a 3 + 1 pack free.

YesLicense also offers offers for professionals with, in particular, a free 30-minute consultation with a Microsoft Expert which can advise and support companies for all technical, legal or commercial questions, or even Microsoft licensing (Retail, OEM, Volume, etc.).

If your company is about to be audited, Yeslicense also recommends acquiring licenses suitable for professionals, such as Microsoft Office 2019 Pro Plus RETAIL, with online activation or Office 2019 Pro Plus in Volume for large IT parks (Windows Server compatible).

Among the RETAIL offers, YesLicense also offers Windows 10 Pro with Online Activation, Microsoft Office 2019 Home and Business for MAC, Microsoft Office 2019 Home and Business for PC and Windows Server, including Windows Server 2022.

For professionals, YesLicense also offers Licences d’accès CAL’s User/RDS/Device at reduced prices.

Article written in collaboration with YesLicense

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