Officially Get 0% PPnBM, These Toyota Cars Have Decreased Dozens to Tens of Million


The Ministry of Industry has issued a list of cars that get relaxation PPnBM 0%. There are six types of branded cars Toyota which can be relaxation. What is the range of price reductions?

There are 21 types of cars that get PPnBM relaxation, which will start on March 1, 2021. The list of cars is contained in the Decree of the Minister of Industry Number 169 of 2021 concerning Motor Vehicles with Sales Tax on Luxury Goods for the Delivery of Taxable Goods Classified as Covered Luxury. by the Government in 2021.

Of the 21 cars were recipients PPnBM of these, six of which were Toyota cars. Toyota brands that can be compensated are the Toyota Yaris, Toyota Vios, Toyota Sienta, Toyota Avanza, Toyota Rush and Toyota Raize.

Then how much is the discount on Toyota cars that can reduce the 0% tax?

Search detikOto at a number of car dealers in Jakarta this week, the estimated price of cars after being subject to 0 percent PPnBM has decreased by tens to tens of millions of rupiah.

“We’ve already calculated it. So this price is an estimate of the price reduction in March 2021. And the types of cars that are included in the vehicle category with 0% PPnBM are by regulation, engine volume up to

Estimated decrease in price as a result PPnBM 0 percent for Toyota Avanza the price can reach Rp. 13 – Rp. 16 million. Meanwhile, the Toyota Rush decreased by Rp.18-Rp.19 million, Sienta decreased by Rp.19-Rp.22 million, and Yaris decreased by Rp.18-Rp.21 million.

The Toyota Vios experienced the biggest decline forecast. The price cut due to PPnBM is estimated to reach Rp. 60 – Rp. 65 million.

On a different occasion, one of Toyota’s loyal customers admitted to being offered a big discount from a dealer. The big discount was offered as if the car had already received a PPnBM discount.

“New Sienta V manual for DKI OTR price of Rp. 276,850,000, continues to be discounted by Rp. 37 million (estimated discount and% PPnBM price reduction), the price becomes Rp. 239,850,000. So the dealer discount is Rp. 15 million and the price decline is due to PPnBM. 0% of it is Rp. 22 million, “said the source of detikOto.

List of vehicles that receive PPnBM relief:

1. Toyota Yaris (all variants)
2.Toyota Vios (all variants)
3.Toyota Sienta (all variants)
4. Daihatsu Xenia (all variants)
5. Toyota Avanza (all variants)
6. Daihatsu Grand Max Minibus (all variants)
7. Daihatsu Luxio (all variants)
8. Daihatsu Terios (all variants)
9. Toyota Rush (all variants)
10.Toyota Raize (all variants)
11. Daihatsu Rocky (all variants)
12. Mitsubisi Xpander (all variants)
13. Mitsubishi Xpander Cross (all variants)
14. Nissan Livina (all variants)
15.Honda Brio RS (all variants)
16. Honda Mobilio (all variants)
17.Honda BRV (all variants)
18.Honda HRV (all variants)
19. Suzuki Ertiga (all variants)
20. Suzuki XL7 (all variants)
21. Wuling Confero (all variants)

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