Officials in the Ministry of Justice: The UAE is a global model in empowering youth

Abu Dhabi (WAM)

Counselor Salem Al Zaabi, Acting Head of the Emergency, Crisis and Disaster Prosecution at the State Prosecution, Chairman of the Youth Council of the Ministry of Justice, confirmed that the UAE has become a global model for supporting and empowering young people and investing their energies, thanks to the efforts and directives of our wise leadership, which has given youth the utmost attention, care and support. Their participation and contribution to building the UAE, based on its belief in the youth category, as they are the real wealth of the nation, sustainable energy in the journey of construction and development, and the main partners in making the prosperous future of the country. It sought to instill the principles and values ​​of innovation, challenge and leadership in the hearts of young people, which constituted an important incentive for them to work with a promising future vision to meet all challenges, achieve achievements in all fields and advance the human society.
Counselor Saud Buhendi, Vice-Chairman of the Youth Council of the Ministry of Justice, stressed that the youth’s leadership of many departments and their presence in all committees and teams at the Ministry of Justice represents an important pillar in building the future of the UAE, and an essential part of giving back to this dear country.
He said: The statement of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, “may God protect him”, that “governments cannot build solid development for their people without a real partnership with their youth” reflects the extent of the wise leadership’s keenness to involve the youth in Building the nation, and this is what we seek to translate into practice in the Ministry thanks to the support and empowerment of His Excellency the Minister of Justice, so that the youth of the Ministry have an active role in decision-making and participation in the development of the work system.
Ahmed Abdul Rahman Al Shamiri, chief auditor for anti-money laundering at the Ministry of Justice, said: We learned from the wise leadership that the greatest achievement of the UAE is empowering youth and building young leaders capable of making change and innovation, achieving achievements and overcoming crises. He is part of the National Technical Team for Anti-Money Laundering and Combating the Financing of Terrorism, and contributes to preparing the country’s assessment file, and representing the country before relevant international forums, such as the Financial Action Group (FATF).
Maryam Al Ketbi, responsible for the implementation, coordination and follow-up of the Minister of Justice’s office, said: “Young people are an extension of generations that have made great achievements, generations from whom we draw lessons and lessons in leadership and leadership. Readiness, which qualifies us to preserve and advance the achievements of the great generations that preceded us.

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