Oktagon Underground: Vladimír Moravčík defeated Igor Daniš

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Milan Paleš, 28, became the winner of the eight-member pyramid in Thai boxing at the Oktagon Underground: Last Man Standing tournament. The Žilina player defeated three opponents in one evening and, in addition to the cup, received a check for 10,000 euros. Holders of 150 titles in posture disciplines presented themselves at the tournament.


The champion of the prestigious stand-up organization Enfusion gradually defeated the German Carsten Ringler, the Slovak Andrej Šimkulič and in the final of the Czech Michael Krčmář. After two knockouts, he left the last match in the hands of the point referees. The innkeeper received 6,000 for the final participation.

Paleš was one of the two main favorites for the triumph in the lightweight pyramid. Two-time world and four-time European kickboxing champion of the Czech Republic Václav Sivák won the first quarterfinals over the British Bailey Sugden, but due to a hand injury and three stitches on his right eyebrow, he could not enter the semifinals and ended up in the hospital. According to the odds, Sivák was the biggest favorite to win.

The pyramid brought crushing battles. Due to an eye injury after an unfortunate elbow hit, the Spaniard Marc Dass Rey also dropped out before the semifinals. They were replaced with Sivák by the winners of the reserve fights Ladislav Krištůfek and Andrej Šimkulič.

Oktagon Underground: Last Man Standing


Michael Krčmář (CZE) – Milan Pales (SVK) – to points (27:30, 27:29. 28:29)


Ladislav Krištůfek (CZE / replaced the injured Sivák) – Michael Krčmář (JUN) – on the body (27:30, 28:30, 28:30)

Milan Pales (SVK) – Andrej Šimkulič (SVK / replaces the injured Dass Reya) – KO (2nd round, 2:23)


Vaclav Sivak (CZE) – Bailey Sugden (GBR) – na body (30:27, 30:28, 29:29)

Vladimir Lengal (CZE) – Michael Krčmář (JUN) – on the body (27:30, 28:30, 28:30)

Milan Pales (SVK) – Carsten Ringler (GER) – KO (3rd round, 1:03)

Marco Novak (SVK) – Marc Dass Rey (ESP) – na body ((28:30, 28:30, 29:30)


Ladislav Krištůfek (CZE) – Štefan Mészáros (SVK) – to points (30:27, 30:27, 29:28)

Jan Pajtaš (CZE) – Andrej Šimkulič (SVK) – points (extra round)

Super matches

Legend of the domestic posture scene Vladimir Moravcik became the winner of the main super match. At the time of 2:39 the first round he knocked out another Slovak icon Igor Daniš. The organization promoted the duel as a “Wrestling of the Century” Thai boxing. The six-time world champion and three-time continental champion improved his impressive balance to 83-9 (2).

“I was well prepared, sparring partners could talk. Today I meditated all day, I set my mind perfectly. I confirmed that I am a Czechoslovak unit. I can’t say now what’s next. First of all, I will enjoy peace with my family for a while. My wife has also asked me when I will change, “ the 39-year-old Banská Bystrica was already joking.

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Serb Strahinja Mitric in a heavyweight duel he shot a Czech legend and an eight-time world champion in an attractive bloody match Tomáš Hron. Mitrič used almost 127 kilograms in his strokes. Apparent overweight did not slow him down, on the contrary, he often spun and hit with his elbows from a turn. Hron did not add the jubilee 100th career victory.

“His strength was in weight, he pushed like a tank. He kept everything he bought, he is painted more than I do. I enjoyed the match and had to entertain the spectators as well. Blood was flowing, grenades were flying. Good, isn’t it? “ Hron praised the level of the match.

Slovak Sebastian Fapšo in an equally attractive duel of predatory young men, he defeated the Czechs Matěj Kozubovský. The match was dominated by open exchanges. Nineteen-year-old Fapšo showed excellent eyes and work with his body and legs while dodging, although he was counted after one blow.

However, he sent the European champion in Thai boxing to the ground up to three times, which secured him a victory on points. The fighters shared the reward of 50,000 Czech crowns for the performance of the evening.

“I had a tactic to peel high kicks on his head. However, Matěj had an excellent movement, so it was such a shootout. When I closed his eye, I wanted to take advantage. It didn’t work out for a long time, but in the end it worked out, “Fapsho smiled at the valuable scalp.

The knockout of the tournament was performed by Čech Melvin mané. In the third round, he stretched the right shot beautifully and put the Slovak to sleep Patrik Križan. The representative of the Trnava Spartacus Figh Gyma was brought out after a hard hit on a stretcher and he passed a control examination in the hospital. The organization did not report any serious injuries.

Super matches

Vladimir Moravcik (SVK) – Igor Daniš (SVK) – KO (1st round, 2:39)

Tomas Hron (CZE) – Strahinja Mitric (SER) – na body (28:29, 28:28, 28:28, extra round: 9:10, 9:10, 10:9)

Matej Kozubovsky (CZE) – Sebastian Fapšo (SVK) – to points (25:29, 26:28, 26:27)

Melvin mané (CZE) – Patrik Krizan (SVK) – KO (3rd round, 1:46)

Klára Strnadová (CZE) – Viktorie Bulínová (CZE) – for points (3: 0 – not specified)

Andreas Cechovsky (CZE) – Teo Mikelič (CRO) – na body (28:30, 28:30, 29:29)

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