Olympia 2021: Swimmer Lydia Jacoby – gold teen is also a rock star

This gold teen is much more than “just” an exceptional talent in the water!

The American swimmer Lydia Jacoby (17) amazed everyone in Tokyo when she surprisingly secured gold over the 100 meters chest. But the swimming star not only rocks the pools in Japan’s capital – but also the stage!

Because: Jacoby is also a double bass player and singer of the “Snow River String Band” – a country group from their home in Alaska. The band has even performed at festivals in the USA.

Her song “Sweet Verona” from her performance at the “Anchorage Folk Festival” was played hundreds of times between its release in early 2018 and Tuesday morning. Since it won gold, the number of clicks has now risen into the five-digit range.

Jacoby comes from the small town of Seward, which has less than 3,000 inhabitants. She is the first female swimmer from Alaska to win a medal at the Olympic Games. And that was properly celebrated in her home country, as shown by a video for a public viewing event that circulated online after her victory.

There is only one pool in the entire state of Alaska that has a 50-meter lane. And since Tuesday an Olympic champion in swimming!

Jacoby after her triumph in Tokyo: “Many swimmers with big names come from big, high-performance clubs,” said Jacoby: “The fact that I come from a small club in a state with such a small population really shows everyone that you can do it can, no matter where you come from. “


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