Olympic Games 2020: the rant of several tennis players

Several players, including Daniil Medvedev and Gilles Simon, complained about the extreme conditions in which they had to play this Saturday.

LWorld No. 2 Daniil Medvedev suggested to the organizers of the Tokyo Olympics to postpone the start of tennis matches to the evening to limit the effects of the extreme heat suffered by players on Saturday, the first day of the Olympic tournament.

“I think, like in Mexico, maybe the matches should start at 6 p.m. because the heat is much less,” said Medvedev, whose match started just after noon in Japan, with temperatures hovering around 32. degrees.

According to him, these weather conditions are “among the worst” in which he has ever played. “We knew coming here that the matches would start early (…) I don’t think they (the organizers) are going to change that in the middle of the tournament, but it’s something that could be useful,” he said. Explain.

Medevedev, who will face Indian Sumit Nagal (160th) in the second round, also complained that the players only have one minute of rest on side changes, against 1:30 in other tennis tournaments. . “If you ask the 200 tennis players here, I think 195 will tell you that a minute is just a joke,” said the Russian, a finalist at the Australian Open at the start of the match. year, who did not hide his ambitions: “When I come to the Olympics, all I want is a gold medal. (…). My first objective here is to try to win all the matches ”.

“It’s brutal”

Same story with the Frenchman Gilles Simon, who expressed his frustration in the columns of the daily L’Équipe. “It’s brutal, always in this context where you have to do everything yourself and where more and more time is being taken away from us. That we only have a minute to change sides when it’s 40 degrees… I don’t know who is behind this rule, but I would like to bring it to the field. It’s very hot, we have very little time, it’s hard to recover. “


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