OM-Nantes: remain master of his destiny in Ligue 1 – Season

OM haven’t been able to do this for a few seasons against Nantes at the Vélodrome, three to be precise. It must be said that this is one of the most physical teams in the championship and that the Phocéens often had to deal with them at home in the second part of the season, when the fatigue, physical or mental, was already there. In 2018, that was before Athletic Bilbao’s reception in the Europa League, and Thauvin had pulled out to equalize in the very last minute of added time. A year later, that marked the end of podium hopes as the team had recovered well under the leadership of Mario Balotelli. Last year, OM were downright inclined, a week after having taken a more than significant step for the podium by winning in Lille. But when you have to play this team much earlier in the season at home, things go much better. However, can we really rely on statistics and precedents to know what can await us this season, given the context? At a press conference, Valentin Rongier recalled that the absence of the public was not an excuse and that we had to adapt.

There is worse than alternating victories and defeats …

The audience is not there but they can still get some messages across. André Villas-Boas was moved by it, as you can see in the video. A few days ago, he deplored the dynamic “defeat / victory” by alternating the Champions League and the championship. It is always better than successive defeats. Currently, OM are therefore in the position of the penalty taker in a session where the opposing team has just scored. A victory would mitigate the “nightmarish” course, to use the words of the technician, in the Champions League, saying that they are in a good position to finish on the podium. But it is not because OM lost against Porto that Nantes will let the Phocaeans win this Saturday, so that the logic of the last few weeks is maintained. In the same vein, we should not complain too much about this situation where OM are currently on the podium (at the average points per match) while wondering what is the point since they will not be at the height in the Champions League next season. Because a bad series in the league can also send the Marseillais in the second part of the Ligue 1 table very quickly, and there it will be even sadder …

The choice, the best weapon

After Wednesday’s weak offensive production, André Villas-Boas does not have time to work on anything else for a Saturday match at 5 p.m., by his own admission. There is only recovery expected, otherwise you will go looking for silly injuries. His only weapons to revitalize his group therefore remain effective video work on the specificities of the Gourcuff team and … the choices in his eleven, of course. It’s up to him to play, to line up the wolves and to leave the goats on the bench, to take up the Winners tifo. In case of victory, he will always be able to recall where his team will be in the standings with two wins in late matches. More importantly, he is not immune to finding the right formula with this squad, which is something everyone expects.


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