OM-PSG: victory, “a matter of pride”, assures Mauricio Pochettino

This time, there will be almost everyone. If Leandro Paredes, affected in the quadriceps, Sergio Ramos, still in individualized training, and Sergio Rico, victim of a sprained ankle, will not be on the trip to Marseille, Mauricio Pochettino will be able to count on all of his troops this Sunday at the Velodrome for the Clasico, starting with star Lionel Messi. Starting with Neymar, recovered from his adductor worries, and Mauro Icardi, who, after a complicated start to the week on the family level, is, according to his trainer who spoke at a press conference, sufficiently “mentally strong” to return to the group.

PSG are ten points ahead of OM in the league. But it seems that Marseille is coming with more certainty in the game …

MAURICIO POCHETTINO. No, each team has its own dynamic. At home, the victories against Angers and Leipzig were good. We are first in Ligue 1 and in our Champions League group. And then I know, having experienced them as a player and as a coach, that these matches are different from the others, that they each have their own history.

You finished the game against Leipzig with a three-way defense. Is this a pattern of play that you could adopt from the start?

Yes, if you’ve followed our journey, it’s a system we’ve used at Espanyol Barcelona, ​​Southampton and Tottenham. It depends on the characteristics of the players, you have to adapt to it. In the context of the match against Leipzig, we thought it could bring us something, that’s why we put it in place.

VIDEO. Pochettino: “What is essential is to win”

In Argentina, Spain or England, you have known a lot of derbies. Is the Clasico comparable to any of them?

Each Clasico conveys its share of emotions depending on the country and the history of the clubs it opposes. OM – PSG are not just three points. There are a lot of emotions but this game is also a lot about pride. We know it’s a game we have to win. A derby, you have to win it.

The Clasico will be played in front of a full stadium for the first time in two years. Are you worried about overflows as there have been a lot since the start of the season?

No, we have no apprehension. But I hope for the good of football and everyone that there will be no problem and that we can play normally despite the rivalry between the two clubs.

Paris has not lost at the Vélodrome for ten years. Is this an additional motivation?

It’s a special game and that’s how we envision it. In our heads, the only idea is to go and win there. We don’t think about anything else. We do not think about another result or what could happen.

In ten years under QSI (Qatar Sport Investments, the sovereign fund owner of the club), PSG had never conceded so many goals. How do you explain this defensive friability?

The philosophy of football is to score more goals than the opponent. There are times when balance is hard to find. But we look for it, we try to concede fewer goals, we work on it, especially through group cohesion. The concern in football is to improve every day.

Do you have a role in helping Mauro Icardi overcome his family worries?

Mauro is a mentally strong player. He trained from Leipzig. He will be in the group tomorrow. It is clear that from the president to the staff, we put ourselves at his disposal so that he is the best possible. There, he is well and available for tomorrow’s match.

What characteristics of the Marseille game can put you in difficulty?

Marseille are an aggressive team, which, with the ball, seeks vertical play and depth. It has a minimum construction time in the opposing camp. She goes quickly to retrieve the ball. It has many virtues, but we hope to impose our game.

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