Omar Sy accused of racism for his character of Doudou plays the card of provocation: “I’m going to make a film”

Omar Sy is everywhere. In the corridors of the Parisian metro where he was seen – but not recognized – sticky posters of the series Lupin with his effigy, proving that like Arsène Lupine, it is possible to go incognito everywhere as long as you have the right costume. But also on TV where the said series is a hit. Not only in France and Belgium, but also in the Netherlands, Germany, Spain, Italy and as far as the United States. A first for a blue-white-red series. Finally, the success being there, it is invited in the media, obviously.

Like the character he currently embodies on the small screen, the actor plays provocative in front of his detractors. In his line of sight, those who attacked him when on the occasion of the release of Aya Nakamura’s new album, he had taken over one of the singer’s titles by resuscitating Doudou, one of her favorite characters which was the heyday of Emissions service on Canal +.

“I’m not going to stop”

A touch of humor that has not passed to some people who saw racism in it. “I do not care” he replied on the France Inter antenna, pointing to a further drift on the part of social networks. “I can’t control this, but that’s not why I’m going to stop”, he hastened to add.

On TF1, he hit the nail on the head. In 50 minutes Inside, he was amused by the charges against him. “I am accused of racism… It has all been said. It’s funny. it makes me want to make other valves. I almost want to make a Doudou film. Do something on Instagram if that’s what caused it, I’m going to do it for 1 hour 30 minutes, so we’re going to have a good time. “

Quirk in the air? Who knows, by dint of being targeted on social networks, the actor could one day respond in this way to those who keep taunting him. Because let us recall that he was also widely criticized for having taken a position concerning police violence in France.

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