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Omikron to replace Delta “Mor Yong” expected to attack quickly, but not violently

After Thailand found coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid-19) cases on Dec. 4, the number came back close to 5.9 thousand, but the latest number of new cases dropped to 4.7 thousand. while the death toll was less than thirty For the first time this month

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At the Government House at 11:45 a.m. on Dec. 5, the Center for the Coronavirus Disease Epidemic Situation Administration (Covid-19) or CCP announced that 4,704 new cases were found. Infected in the country, 4,649 people from prisons, 47 people come from abroad, 8 people are from Spain, the United Kingdom, the United States, Qatar, Switzerland and Myanmar, 1 person per country, Cambodia 2 people, 6,149 more recovered, 71,482 are currently being treated, 71,482 people are in severe condition. 1,263 were intubated, 328 were

Thirty dead patients

As for the 27 more deaths, 15 are male and 12 female. The most fatalities are in Chonburi and Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya, 3 each. For the 10 provinces with the highest infections on Dec 5, found at Bangkok 781 people, Nakhon Si Thammarat 418 people, Songkhla 311 people, Pattani 181 people, Chonburi 174 people, Samut Prakan 142 people, Surat Thani 136 people, Chiang Mai 134 people, Khon Kaen 118 people and Yala 97 people. Sukhothai is still the only province that has not found any new infections. it’s the second day The total number of confirmed cases is 2,112,378, the cumulative total recoveries are 2,048,815, and the cumulative death toll is 20,944.

Vaccination exceeded 95.2 million doses.

while the number of people who received the vaccine against COVID-19 Additional on Dec. 4, a total of three injections was 720,201 doses, resulting in cumulative vaccinations since Feb. 28, 2021, a total of 95,251,358 doses, divided into 49,129,722 doses, or 68.2 percent of the population. Second, 42,419,455 cases, or 58.9 percent of the population, and the third, 3,702,181 cases, or 5.1% of the population.

Waiting to discuss the opening of the Thai-Malaysian checkpoint

Ms. Ratchada Thanadirek, Deputy Spokesman for the Prime Minister’s Office, said that from the infection of the Omicron strain in Malaysia, the Inspector General of the Ministry of Public Health Health Area 12 (Songkhla, Satun, Trang, Phatthalung, Pattani, Yala and Narathiwat) reported that the Omicron species had not yet been found. I ask the people not to panic. The group’s claim Members of the Southern Border Provinces MPs to open the Thai-Malaysian border checkpoint, preliminarily, the frontier of the CCC accepted the proposal for consideration. There will be discussions next week to propose to the NCPO for consideration, which is expected on December 13.

African patient with delta infection

Subsequently, Dr. Supakit Sirilak, Director-General of the Department of Wisdom medical science Added in the case of news of a patient with COVID-19 mutated Omicron strain at Bamrasnaradura Hospital that the testing process for COVID-19 The Omicron species The examination period is required. Because there is no specific reagent like other species. Instead, a genotyping technique based on alpha and beta reagents will be used if the result is positive. It is assumed to be infected with omikron due to the location of some alpha genetic code. And beta has a part that corresponds to Omikron. It is then taken to a whole genome-detection process. It takes time for verification. And when found, the results must be reported into the Global Covid Central Database or GISAID. Every step takes time. If someone is found infected with omikron The Ministry of Health certainly does not hide. In the case of an African ill and treated at the Bamras Naradura Institute, tests confirmed that he was infected with Delta.

It is possible that Thailand will meet Omikron.

Dr. Supakit said that Now all over the world, omikron has begun to be found. There is a possibility if the infection was found with the traveler. But everything has to be verified to be sure first. and did not want the people to panic because the protection process remains the same both wearing masks and keeping distance and washing hands including the treatment process remains the same And vaccines are also an important mechanism to reduce violence.

The germs are already spread in many places.

On the same day, Prof. Dr. Yong Phuworawan, the head of the center specializing in clinical virology Faculty of Medicine Chulalongkorn University Post information on Facebook that since the beginning of the Omicron strain was found and diagnosed on Nov. 23 in patients with symptoms onset since Nov. 9, the World Health Organization has declared it a Species to watch out for on Nov 26 The fact that Omikron has been hiding in many localities. because the strain is not tested in every patient It is not uncommon at present that it is found in more than 20 countries and is beginning to occur in people who have never traveled to southern Africa, such as in Norway. There was an outbreak within the country. America itself has a lot of breeding tests. It is found in the population who have never traveled abroad. indicates an outbreak in the area. Species testing cannot be tested for every individual, every place because of its limitations. If you check less, you won’t find it.

Expected to replace Delta.

Prof. Dr. Yong also stated that Omikron was found even in patients who had completed two doses of vaccination. From the report until now Most of the patients had mild symptoms. But the amount of virus in the throat is large, such as patients in Hong Kong. have a relatively high viral load and have been vaccinated before and can be contacted to the opposite room This kind of incident has happened in Thailand. In the first phase of the Delta species, two individuals were confined to a hotel on the same floor. and no evidence to confirm that this disease Contact through the air that definitely floats back and forth. touch of appliances Sometimes it’s hard to tell. There may be a middleman Touch as a medium. Cross over. Omikron is easily spread, easily spread, is found quickly and spreads across many continents. There is no evidence that symptoms caused by this strain are more severe than the original Delta strain. If the spread is faster This species will replace the Delta species in the coming months.

The patient was found to have mild symptoms.

Prof. Dr. Yong also stated that from information to present including those with outbreaks outside southern Africa It can be seen that half of the patients have no symptoms. and about half had mild symptoms. There are still no patients with many symptoms. to be hospitalized or death vaccination to have immunity Then this species is spreading with few symptoms, mild disease, no need to go to the hospital. or died This will stimulate the immune system to be higher and last longer according to the evolution of the virus. to adjust to reduce the severity of the disease Like the coronavirus that causes respiratory diseases in children that are found today. It does not cause problems for adults and the elderly at all.

Prison director explains coronavirus in prisons

Subsequently, Mr. Ayut Sinthapphan, director-general of the Department of Corrections, revealed the situation of COVID-19. In prisons and correctional institutions, as of 4 p.m. on Dec. 4, 47 new cases were found in four red prisons and 43 new inmates in quarantine rooms. 710 people have reported no deaths for 16 consecutive days. On Dec. 5, the Songkhla Women Correctional Institution was relieved of a repeat outbreak. No new prison outbreaks were found for eight consecutive days, bringing the number of white prisons to 127 and the red prison to 15.

Uthai, found sick in 2 villages

The situation in the region Still found infected in groups or new clusters. in Uthai Thani Province Reporters reported that Mr. Adirek Un-Osoth, Ban Rai District Chief Has issued an order book in Ban Rai District Closing the village and temporarily prohibiting entering and leaving the village Between 3-6 Dec. After Huai Haeng Subdistrict Health Promoting Hospital conducted ATK screening for people in Village 2 and Village 5, Huai Haeng Subdistrict, Ban Rai District, 48 people were found to have a positive result, making it a group to watch out for. both high-risk groups and a lot of low risk This led to the announcement ordering the closure of 2 villages, Village No. 2, Ban Pha Thang and Village No. 5, Ban Sa, Huai Haeng Subdistrict, to investigate the source of the infection.

2 Bueng Kan cluster is not faint

while the Bueng Kan Provincial Public Health Report of the total number of new Covid-19 cases +39 people, mostly in Mueang Bueng Kan District, 26 people, separated into clusters at Talat Krang, 23 people in Bueng Kan Subdistrict, with 33 accumulated cases in Nong Loeng Subdistrict, 2 people are linked to Viriwit Kindergarten Cluster, Pak Khat District and Wisit Subdistrict 1 person in the Thai-Laos Bridge Construction Camp while cluster Pregnant women in Sri Samran Subdistrict, Phon Charoen District, found 5 more, bringing the total to 37 patients in this cluster, 4 found in Pa Vet Subdistrict, etc.

The new cluster in Korat is still emerging.

In Nakhon Ratchasima, 54 new cases were found, with one fatality, a 59-year-old woman from Hua Thale Subdistrict, Mueang Nakhon Ratchasima District. with HT thyroid disease in all 6 prisons of the province No additional infected inmates were found for the seventh day in a row. Still need to monitor and prevent existing clusters, including 5 old clusters that still have sporadic cases of infections, such as the Northeastern tapioca starch cluster. Mueang Nakhon Ratchasima District Found 6 more people, Ratchasima Johor Factory Cluster, Johor Subdistrict, Mueang Nakhon Ratchasima District found that infected people spread in Chaloem Phrakiat and Non Thai districts found another 17 new patients, a cluster of Hin Boran (factory) Co., Mu Si sub-district, Pak Chong district found one new patient, Ban Nong Ruea Cluster, Village No. 14, Taku Subdistrict Pak Thongchai found 3 more people, etc., and one new cluster, namely Ban Tum Community, Moo 8 and Village 9, Thonglang Subdistrict, Chakrat District, total 24 people infected, 8 new cases, 181 high-risk contacts. Four epidemic circles were found. Among them, a 4-month-old girl, a 1-year-old girl, a 6-year-old girl, a 4-year-old boy, an 8-year-old girl, a 7-year-old boy, and an 11-year-old boy, the Chakrat district CDCU team is monitoring, controlling and preventing.

Chiang Mai, new sickness, low hundred

On the same day, Dr. Jatuchai Maneerat, a public health doctor in Chiang Mai Province presided over the delivery ceremony of a special team of warriors “Proactive Covid-19 Vaccination Team” goes to work to support missions to expedite Vaccines against COVID-19 To cover 70 percent of the population in Mae Hong Son province, the first round of 5 people will be on duty between 6-11 December 2021, while the overall picture of Covid-19 in the province improved when new cases were found. 96 people, below a hundred for the first day in almost two months As a result, the field hospital will open for new yellow patients on December 6, the last day. And the mission will be closed after about 50 of the same patients recovered and all returned home. And from the better situation, the Chiang Mai Communicable Disease Committee has issued an order to relax allowing restaurants in the pilot areas of tourism or blue areas in 5 districts, namely Chiang Mai District, Chom Thong District, Doi Tao District, Mae Taeng District and Mae Taeng District. Mae Rim is open to sell and drink alcoholic beverages in the shop from 11.00-14.00 and 17.00-23.00 from 6 December onwards. Currently, there are 300 restaurants that have passed the first standard assessment in 5 districts.

Yala is sick, but 2 more deaths

As in Yala province, the number of new infections dropped to double digits at 97 people, mostly in the Muang district, reaching 52. 250 beds, currently closed because the patient healed And there are no new patients added in any way. with the team to respond to Covid-19 Betong Muslim Rescue The bodies of 2 people who died from COVID-19 were taken from Betong Hospital to perform Islamic ceremonies. The first was a 71-year-old woman who was buried at Kubor. Baan Ka Pae Koto, Betong Subdistrict, Betong District, the second one is a female, aged 80, who recently received treatment at Betong Hospital in the morning of the same day. The deceased had been vaccinated but still infected. Expected death due to congenital disease Lifeguards took the body and buried it at Kubor. Gunung Janong House Betong Municipality

As for the situation abroad, the South Korean government issued measures starting from December 6 onwards. Citizens are required to show evidence of complete vaccination every time they enter entertainment venues. or health services amid the ongoing epidemic situation of the COVID-19 virus. More than 5,000 confirmed cases per day, while the number of travelers to South Korea And found to be infected with the new mutant “Omicron” rose to 12, while India reported 5 more people infected with Omikron and 2,796 people died in a single day, the highest recorded death. Since July, the World Health Organization (WHO) has confirmed that no one has died from omikron.

British immigration rules

The British government adjusts immigration measures again. Requires all international travelers to report PCR test results in advance of flying to the UK, effective Dec. 7 to help prevent the new mutation. The number of people infected with omicron in the UK rose to 104, more than half of whom had completed the full-dose vaccination. The German Ministry of Health Detachment of Thailand, Uzbekistan, Saint Islands Vincent and the Grenadines off the list of high-risk countries The embassy in Berlin later confirmed that the order was effective from December 5 and prevented travelers from Thailand from having to register for travel to Germany. no need to detain But still have to show a PCR test result or proof of vaccination on Pfizer Moderna Astrazeneca and justify the urgent need to enter Germany.

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