OMT member Voss guards against opportunism: ‘Full stadiums unlikely in 2021’

Another point that is considered is the perception of the spectators. To what extent do people comply with the measures? Do supporters still enjoy attending a football match when they have been sentenced to so many restrictions?

“We can come up with countless conditions under which spectators can take their seats again in the stands. But if these take away the pleasure of going to a stadium and people prefer to stay at home from now on, there is no point in taking any measures,” said Voss.

‘Intense discussion about interpretation’

Collecting the data is one thing. Processing that information is a completely different story, Voss sighs. “To be honest, that is my biggest headache case. We have given ourselves seven to eight weeks to publish the first findings. That is extremely ambitious. And then I expect a solid discussion in the interpretation of the data.”

“In science, moreover, good research consists of a series of findings. It is therefore possible that one of the outcomes will be that certain aspects of the research require further research, so additional research. Research was conducted in Germany in August 2020 to a single event in Leipzig with four thousand spectators. Not even a letter of this has come out after six months. That says enough about the complexity of this issue. “

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