On Friday, NS will drive with all sprinters, intercity trains will drive more kilometers | NOW

The Dutch Railways will drive with all its sprinters on Friday, the carrier announced on Thursday. A limited number of intercity trains, which were already in use in recent days, will also travel their original route.

Last week the Dutch Railways ran a lot less trains due to the snow and persistent frost. On Sunday the train traffic was even stopped.

“Many parking areas are now accessible again, and trains can go to and from the maintenance companies for inspections, repairs and maintenance,” said the carrier. “In this way, more and more trains are becoming available for our travelers.”

The Dutch Railways emphasizes that the severe winter weather will still affect the timetable. “The coming days we will have to deal with severe frost at night, which can cause problems, for example due to frost formation on the overhead lines.”

The carrier advises travelers to plan their journey just before departure.


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