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When the day after tomorrow more than two million doses of AstraZeneca arrive, in the largest batch to arrive in a single flight, Argentina will exceed the 17.5 million vaccines received since the start of the pandemic. These doses will reinforce the vaccination plan established by the national government in the framework of the second wave of the coronavirus.

This item will be added to the agreements reached, but still pending formalization, with the Chinese company Sinopharm for the supply of 6 million vaccines between June and July, and with the Chinese laboratory of Cansino Bio to have more doses to immunize the population.

According to official sources, the shipment of these vaccines will be collected from Ohio, in the United States, and from there it will be transferred by truck to Toronto, Canada, from where the plane will then depart for Buenos Aires.

The active component of these vaccines was prepared in the Garín laboratory, in the province of Buenos Aires, packaged in Mexico and finished conditioning in the United States.

The doses will arrive on Air Canada flight AC 7326/30, which is scheduled to land at Ezeiza airport on Monday morning at 7.55am. In total it will bring a shipment of 2,148,600 doses, whose active principle was produced in Argentina.

The arrival of the doses was also confirmed by the Minister of Health, Carla Vizzotti. “We keep adding. Today they confirmed to us that another 2,148,600 doses of Argentina’s bilateral agreement with AstraZeneca arrive in the country this Monday, ”the minister published on Thursday in a thread of tweets. With this new game, Argentina “will thus exceed 17 million vaccines,” which are 17 million hopes, “said Vizzotti from his TW account. “This week we received 2,785,200 doses to accelerate the strategic vaccination plan, its distribution is already underway in the 24 jurisdictions of Argentina. We keep counting. And we also count on you. Let’s continue taking care of ourselves ”, the official concluded the Twitter thread.

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The provinces received 2,684,600 doses this week


The Government, within the framework of the Strategic Plan for Vaccination against Covid-19, will complete the distribution of 2,684,600 vaccines to all jurisdictions this week in record work. This figure will be reached after between yesterday and today the provinces and the City of Buenos Aires received 400,200 more doses of component 1 of Sputnik V, 80,100 doses of component 2 and 600,100 of AstraZeneca obtained through the Covax mechanism of the World Organization of the Health.

The different vaccines were distributed after the customs clearance, reception, thermal control, counting, fractionation and conditioning process was completed, which ensures their quality and good conservation of the antigens.

According to the criteria established by the Ministry of Health, based on the population of each district and the minimum packaging unit, the items of component 1 of the Sputnik V vaccine developed by the Gamaleya Institute distributed this week were divided as follows : 389,850 doses to the province of Buenos Aires; 61,950 to the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires; 25,950 to Chaco; 84,000 to Córdoba; 24,450 to Corrientes; 30,450 to Entre Ríos, and 79,050 to Santa Fe, among the provinces that received the most doses.

Component 2 of Sputnik V, which will allow the completion of vaccination schedules, is distributed as follows: 30,900 doses to the province of Buenos Aires; 5,400 to the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires; 2,100 to Chaco; 6,600 to Córdoba; 6,300 to Santa Fe; 2,100 to Corrientes; 2,400 to Entre Ríos, and 3,600 to Mendoza, stand out among those that received the most doses.

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Meanwhile, the Astrazeneca doses were distributed as follows: 626,200 doses to the province of Buenos Aires; 106,500 to the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires; 40,400 to Chaco; 138,400 to Córdoba; 48,400 to Entre Ríos; 73,500 to Mendoza; 54,000 to Salta, and 129,500 to Santa Fe.

Until yesterday, and according to data from the Public Vaccination Monitor, the online registry that shows in real time the immunization operation throughout the Argentine territory, 14,264,154 vaccines were distributed, of which 11,676,733 have already been applied: 9,084,600 people received the first dose and 2,592,133 both.

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