On the birthday of the plateau.. Amr Diab in the eyes of his competitors, Mohamed Fouad and Tamer Hosni

On October 11, Amr Diab celebrates his sixtieth birthday, and he is on the throne of stardom, despite the difference of his competitors who change from one generation to another, but he adheres to his popularity and his fans, no matter how the names change around him, and he is one of the most prominent who competed Amr Diab in the last 30 years. The two stars, Mohamed Fouad and Tamer Hosni, and apart from the fans’ skirmishes, what did Fouad and Tamer say about the Amr Diab plateau?

With the release of the poster for the “Salam” album by the star Mohamed Fouad, he appeared on a hill in a desert area, and the audience of the hill interpreted it as an interpretation that undermines their favorite star, which prompted Fouad to respond to this accusation, saying: “I have reservations about any individual who mocked or insulted any of my colleagues in the middle.” The technician, anyone who interprets the picture in his own way, I am not responsible for him, and for Amr Diab, he is ten 30 years old.. God forgives the pioneers of social networking sites who always create crises.

When asked about his relationship with the star Amr Diab and the reality of the competition between them, the artist Mohamed Fouad said during his hosting on the seventh day: “There is no similarity between me and Amr Diab, he is an entity and I am another entity, and we do not necessarily follow in the same footsteps. My successes exist and Amr’s successes exist and we have not walked.” On the same approach one day, and attempts to make a wedge between me and Amr from the press, I consider it nothing but love.

Fouad added: “My relationship with Amr has been very strong for a long time, but the last period we did not meet much, but he is my brother, and there are many occasions we were keen to be in, whether with me or with him. I am the only one who buried his mother with him, and he contacted me because he knows how much I was.” I love his mother and father, and my mother loved him very much, we have a very long history, and the reason for our separation during that period is nothing more than preoccupations.“.


Regarding his absence from competing with his traditional rival, Fouad said: I searched for who is the most missing singer, and I found, for example, the great artist Najat Al Saghira, but despite her disappearance, she is still present in her heritage and songs and the audience still remembers her, so I belong to that school in which the artist has his history. Staying even if I stayed in the house for dozens of years, my goal is not to trade on people.“.

On the other hand, Amr Diab’s name is always associated with Tamer Hosni. Recently, social networking sites witnessed debates between the fans of artists Tamer Hosni and Amr Diab, against the background of the release of Amr Diab’s album “Ya Anna Yala”, coinciding with Tamer’s completion of the release of the songs of his album “Khalik Fouladhi”. “.

Usually, when Amr Diab or Tamer Hosny presents a new artwork, speculation begins about the outbreak of war between them, with comparisons between them continuing. Is there a real conflict between the two stars?

Amr Diab and Tamer Hosny
Amr Diab and Tamer Hosny

Tamer Hosni is always keen in his media meetings to confirm that Amr Diab is his teacher and teacher, and in an interview with Khairy Ramadan, Tamer announced his fondness and love for Amr, and told that he was keen to attend the plateau parties, stressing that he loves him and hopes to earn his friendship.

On the other hand, Amr Diab does not say anything about Tamer Hosni, with the exception of one time, during a press conference, when he praised the talent of Tamer Hosni and Mohamed Hamaki, noting that they are both talented, and confirmed that their appearance and success are in favor of the singing scene.


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