On the spice route, a tasty shrimp curry

Lemongrass, curry, peppers, coconut milk, nuoc-mâm… To this dish from India are added some notes of Southeast Asia. It is brought to us by a food journalist from the Hong Kong daily South China Morning Post. A new episode of our weekly Recipe Courier.

It’s hard to imagine how bland our dishes would be without the spices of South and Southeast Asia. The spice trade has left its mark on the culinary traditions that today seem to us to be taken for granted. Would we only think for a moment of cooking without pepper? Or to do without nutmeg, cinnamon or vanilla for our cakes?

The exchange of spices was carried out as well from the East to the West as in the reverse direction. Thus, peppers, originating in Mexico, Peru and other Latin American countries, have been introduced to the rest of the world and are today an integral part of certain local cuisines known for their spicy dishes, such as Korean cuisines. and Indian.

This simple shrimp curry recipe, dominated by Indian influences, also borrows some inspiration from Southeast Asia. It is much easier to make than the curries served in India, because the commercial curry powder here replaces the traditional Indian paste, the preparation of which requires grilling and grinding a mixture of spices specially designed for seafood. However, it is no less succulent.

For this dish, I choose to shell the prawns


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