On the tenth anniversary of death: Schlingensief, Kohl, Dutschke and the theater

Er strangled with the theater and the audience strangled with him. From the premiere of “100 Years of the CDU – Games Without Borders” and “Kühnen ’94. Bring me the head of Adolf Hitler ”, the first two of many Schlingensief plays, it wasn’t just me and my wife at the time (a specialist, now chief dramaturge of a large West German theater) who felt that they had to throw up. Perhaps that was the artist’s intention, but that didn’t make the feeling any more comfortable.

It was not only caused by disgusting snippets of film with which Schlingensief had seasoned his productions – a Viennese performance artist who devoured his own vomit again; real people eaten by crocodiles; living monkeys whose brains a group of gourmets spooned out. But also through earache and boredom.

Schlingensief himself played Kühnen.


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