On TikTok, they show the worst apartment in New York, would you rent it?

Apparently it costs $ 1,650 a month to rent, but it doesn’t have a bathroom or kitchen: American TikTok users are crazy about this New York apartment listed as “the worst ever”.

His exact address is a mystery, and he doesn’t appear on real estate search sites, but that hasn’t stopped a video of this study record 21 million views since real estate agent Cameron Knowles posted it last week on his New York City Realtor TikTok account.

The video with the caption “The worst apartment in New York in history !!!” shows a single room without bathroom, without kitchen, without freezer, just with a tiny fridge and a closet.

Knowlton, who works for Compass real estate, said the apartment is in the West Village, but did not want to give the exact address.

“Before you ask, yes, this is a real apartment. This is what $ 1,650 can get you in the most desirable neighborhood in New York,” Knowlton explains in the video.

Then it shows a shower and toilet in the hallway, in separate rooms, which “they are shared by the whole building”.

A key is required to enter both “for security reasons,” Knowlton says. The bathroom “is quite clean” but does not have a sink for washing hands, he explains.

“That’s not an apartment. It’s a compartment,” wrote Tik Tok user Reanie in one of the 41,000 comments the video attracted.

Another user said that you can rent a 175-square-foot house in Texas for half the price.

For Tik Tok user Violette the apartment is too real.

“This was literally my first apartment in New York. It was hell,” he said.

Last year, Deutsche Bank rated New York as the third most expensive city in the world to rent, behind Hong Kong and San Francisco.

The median monthly rent in Manhattan in October 2020 was $ 3,790, according to the Rent Cafe website, with an average apartment size of 65 m2.

Median rent in the West Village is $ 4,392 per month.

“I’ve seen some funny ones where the bathroom is in the kitchen, or there’s a shower in the living room, but this is the worst I’ve ever seen,” Knowlton said.

The coronavirus pandemic has led to an 11 percent drop in rental prices in New York, according to Rent Cafe.

Knowlton believes the apartment will rent quickly.

“Before the pandemic this building was full. It is one of the most coveted neighborhoods in the world, so people rent it,” he said.



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