On TV !: Momo’s son dances like Michael Jackson – Frankfurt

Frankfurt – Momo, very proud mom!

Actress Radost Bokel (45) is incredibly happy about the dance power of her son TJ (11). At 8 she became a superstar when she played little Momo from Michael Ende’s children’s book.

Now her son TJ is also letting out his talent. Because he dances like Michael Jackson. He: “I think the song ‘Bad’ is great.”

TJ made it onto the big TV stage. At the carnival session of the “Rosa Wölkchen” on Sunday on hr television (if you missed it, repeat on February 4th, 11:15 pm).

Radost: “TJ performed in front of an audience for the first time almost 2 years ago. He totally loves it. Now this chance on TV makes me totally grateful. ”

Photo: Private

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Proud mom: Radost Bokel with her son Photo: Private


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