On video | Riohacha fires Romualdo Brito

Before being buried in his native Riohacha, the singer-songwriter of Vallenata music Romualdo Brito was the object of several tributes by artists, cultists, authorities and followers of his songs.

The body of the artist, who died in a traffic accident in Cesar, arrived in the Guajira capital on Saturday night making a tour of the main streets, with a stop at the Francisco El Hombre roundabout, where his daughter Leisby Brito Guerra he performed his father’s favorite song The most beautiful thing in the world (My old dear), a theme popularized by Beto Zabaleta.

He did so amid tears and the support of hundreds of people who gathered to fire the author, who was veiled in a burning chamber at the Almirante Padilla Educational Institution.

There his daughter Leisby asked not to mourn him, but to remember him through their songs. “My dad was a man of smiles, happy, that’s why I ask you right now not to cry for him anymore, I tell my uncles not to cry, to sing,” he said.

She added that “I always danced to my dad’s songs and now I want to dance, I can’t feel sad if I had a wonderful father and I’m proud of him.”

On Sunday morning, a Mass was held in honor of the singer-songwriter at the Nuestra Señora de los Remedios Cathedral with the presence of the Governor Nemesio Roys Garzón and the Mayor of Riohacha José Ramiro Bermúdez.

“We pay a posthumous tribute to the work and memory of the teacher Romualdo Brito López, as a tribute of admiration and recognition for his valuable contribution to the culture of La Guajira. Our condolences and solidarity to his entire family ”.

The mayor, for his part, said: “We Colombians cry with pain for the departure of maestro Romualdo Brito, we ask God to allow him to continue singing and filling heaven with joy, that here on earth we will also remember him like this, happy , happy and in love ”.

At the exit of the Cathedral, many people waited to say goodbye to the author of 1,400 Vallenato songs. Artists, singers and spontaneous intoned their songs in the midst of sadness, paying homage to him before being buried.

During his journey from Valledupar to Riohacha, each municipality in the south of La Guajira said goodbye to him with their music.

In Fonseca, Villanueva, Barrancas, Urumita and other towns, his followers sang and cried as the caravan that accompanied Romualdo’s coffin passed.

The body of Romualdo Brito was buried yesterday afternoon in Tomarrazón, his homeland.

Silvestre’s Tribute

During the concert he gave from the Guatapurí River, in Valledupar, Silvestre Dangond paid tribute to the singer-songwriter Romualdo Brito. He did it when he sang alongside the accordionist Rolando Ochoa. For this he interpreted Los amaneceres del Valle, a song that Brito gave to Jorge Oñate to make it a classic. Immediately afterwards the urumitero sang La defunta, a song written by Brito and which he recorded with Ochoa. “People have not realized the greatness of Romualdo, one of the three greatest composers has left us. In my opinion, first there is Calixto Ochoa, father of my friend Rolando, then Romualdo and then Omar Geles. The teacher was measured to compose whatever it was, he did not have a fixed style, may God have it in his holy glory “, said the artist almost at the end of his presentation, which was followed by virtually thousands of people.


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