ONCF and Barid Al-Maghrib announce alliance

The National Railways Office (ONCF) and the Barid Al Maghrib Group have just signed a global and innovative partnership agreement reflecting the desire of the two operators to continuously improve the quality of service offered to their respective customers.

Signed by the Director General of ONCF, Mohamed Rabie Khlie, and the Director General of the Barid Al Maghrib Group, Amin Benjelloun Touimi, this partnership was sealed as part of the Office’s new digital strategy aimed primarily at, innovation in the services offered to customers and partners, as well as the transformation of the travel and mobility industry through digital opportunities, the two sides said in a joint statement.

As a trusted third-party operator of the national digital economy, Barid Al-Maghrib, the only state-approved electronic certification service provider for dematerialized exchanges in Morocco since 2011, will provide ONCF the benefit of its various digital services, in particular the electronic signature to support the Office in the dematerialization of its internal processes and its secure exchanges with its customers and all its stakeholders.

Concluded for a period of five years, this global partnership covers several areas of collaboration which will be the subject of specific contracts to be established on the basis of the ONCF / BAM global partnership framework agreement.

These are Poste Digitale and Barid Media services for ONCF including electronic certification services, IT hosting services and technical equipment as well as solutions relating to direct and digital marketing (SMSing, E-mailing, Social Media, Display), the distribution of ONCF services in the Barid Al Maghrib network. These axes also relate to the provision of ONCF infrastructure in stations and on board trains for the needs of Barid Al Maghrib’s communication campaigns and to the provision of the various ONCF transport and logistics services for the needs of Barid Al Maghrib and its subsidiaries.

This partnership also extends to the field of messaging between the subsidiaries under each of the two parties active in this sector and to promote communication and partnership advertising at the points of sale of the two organizations, the press release concludes.

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