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One missing person found in Gwangju apartment collapse … Large crane brought in

◀ anchor ▶

It starts with the breaking news of the Gwangju mixed-use apartment collapse accident.

On the third day of the accident, a missing person was found on the first basement floor.

It’s under the rubble of a building, so I haven’t been able to get it out yet.

Connect the field.

Reporter Jeong Sang-bin, is the rescue operation still going on?

◀ reporter ▶

Yes. Although the sun has already set and the surrounding area has become dark, the rescue operation continues even at this time.

One in six people missing this morning was found on the stair railing on the first basement floor of a collapsed building.

The fire department succeeded in locating the missing person while conducting a detailed search of the basement floor by floor using an endoscope device, a miniature camera.

It appears to have fallen with debris while working near the high rise of a collapsed building.

However, piles of collapsed concrete and rebar are thickly piled up near the site of discovery, making it difficult for even rescue workers to access.

Because of this, the identity of the worker and whether he was alive or dead have not yet been confirmed.

Firefighters are mobilizing personnel and heavy equipment to work together to clear debris near the site of discovery.

It seems that the full-scale construction will begin only after this work is completed.

There is so much debris that it will take some time to completely rescue it.

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We pointed out yesterday too, but the crane standing next to the building looks pretty dangerous.

Have you started dismantling?

◀ reporter ▶

Not yet.

A large crane with a scale of 1,200 tons is being transferred from Gunsan, Jeollabuk-do, to this place in a hurry, but it is delayed than originally planned.

It’s very large, and the arrival was delayed as everything was disassembled and loaded onto 20 trailers and moved.

It will arrive sequentially from 9pm tonight to early tomorrow morning.

The assembly of the large crane is planned to be carried out for two days starting tomorrow morning and then lifted from the top of the existing tilted tower crane on the following Sunday.

Currently, the existing crane is in a very dangerous state that there is no support for fixing the building, so there is a fear of a secondary collapse.

After the crane dismantling work is finished, the rescue work is expected to accelerate only on Sunday, when the formwork and collapsing debris still attached to the building are removed.

So far, this is MBC News Sangbin Sang-bin at the scene of the Gwangju collapse.

Video coverage: Jang Young-geun

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