One Piece Chapter 1020 Detailed Information (The fruit of Yamato is the fruit of the individual’s mouth, the true god of the mouth)_Robin

Original Title: Detailed Information on One Piece Chapter 1020 (The fruit of Yamato is the fruit of an individual’s mouth, that is, the true god of the mouth)

The information comes from a Korean website, most of which are translated into machines (Google Translate), and a small number of places with different semantics are slightly modified.

Kaido told Yamato: If Yamato doesn’t follow him, he will threaten to kill everyone in the country!

Yamato said: She will not let this happen. Luffy, is the man Mita is waiting for!

The fruit of Yamato is the fruit of individual mouthfuls. (Well, this may be the source of the truth

Yamato said: If I face it head-on, I can’t win, but I can buy some time by avoiding and letting the road fly!

Charlotte PerrosperoHe complained: Pedro’s self-destruction caused him to lose his arm.

Charlotte PerrosperoDefend with candy armor.

Robin and Brooke are here.

Black Maria attacks Robin and Brook with hallucinations

The illusion they see is the back of the person they miss

The hallucinations Robin saw were Hagwal D Sauro and Dr. Nico Olivia Clover.

Brooke’s illusion is that of Calico Yorkie, captain of the Rumba pirates, and many crew members.

Brook cannot attack the illusion because of the appearance of the missed person, so heOn the verge of beinghit

Robin says Black Maria can’t use theseHallucinations to control my thoughts,

And attack the hallucinations of those he missed.

The illusion displayed by Black Maria was caused by Black Maria’s men.

The subordinates attacked by Robin were knocked down one after another.

When the hallucination attack stopped, Black Maria ate the smiley fruit.

He tried to use Wanyudo to attack Robin,

But Brook used the Soul Fruit ability to prevent Black Maria from attacking.

Black Maria was furious, trying to touch Robin’s heart.

She laughed at Sanji for asking Robin for help.

Robin said:

Sanji trusted me,Luffy is One Piece,Sanji is a man suitable for One Piece’s Wings.

Enraged Robin uses Higante Flu technology to create a huge clone of himself.

Black Maria was surprised by the size of Robin clone.

Lu Fei wakes up in the sea under the ghost island

Luffy got off the submarine and said he was going to the roof of the ghost island.

Then Momanosuke and Shinobu appeared.

Momanosuke heard Luffy’s voice.

Tell your colleagues what Luffy said

After Luffy thanked Momanosuke, he hoped that Momanosuke would become a one-stop train, and asked Lufei to be transported The roof of the ghost island

Momanosuke worried that he had not been able to use the dragon’s power correctly.

Luffy convinced Momanosuke that he could do it.

Momanosuke is a man who became General Wano.

Momanosuke became a dragon and said that he could not be afraid.

Luffy: Momanosuke, yes!

Momanosuke: Come on, Luffy! !

The reindeer looked at them two from a distance(I don’t know if it’s Chopper, I don’t dare to talk nonsense without a picture)

Title: Robin VS Black Maria

The chapter begins on the rooftop of Onigashima.

Kaido tells Yamato if he doesn’t follow him.

Threatens to kill everyone in Wano Kuni

Yamato said he wouldn’t let that happen.

Luffy, the man waiting for Oden

He replies that I will stop you and raise the dawn

The fruit of Yamato is the individual Oguchi no Magami.

Continue to dodge Kaido’s attacks with considerable speed

Yamato said that if you face it head-on, you can’t win.

He says he’ll buy some time until Luffy comes.

Kaido: You’re just a coward, Yamato.

Yamato: I’m just stopping you until Luffy comes.

Ferrospero, who was blown away by Sanji’s attack on the live floor side

I wake up and get attacked from behind again.

The person who attacked Ferros Spero was Nekomamushi

Nekomamushi says he will kill you, Pedro’s enemy

Ferrospero asks why do you keep blaming yourself?

He is regretful that he lost his arm rather than self-destruct.

Nekomamushi is angry at Ferrospero’s words and continues to attack.

Peros Pero defends with Candy Armor

Robin and Brooke Side Black Maria attacks Robin and Brooke with hallucinations

The hallucinations they see are the back faces of people they miss

The hallucinations that Robin sees are Hagwal D Sauro and Dr. Nico Olivia Clover.

Brook’s hallucinations are the Rumba Pirates’ Captain Calico Yorkie and many crew members.

Brook can’t attack hallucinations because of the people he misses I was just one step away from being hit

Robin says these hallucinations can’t control my mind

Attack the hallucinations of people you miss

The hallucinations that Black Maria showed were inflicted on Black Maria’s men.

The subordinates attacked by Robin are knocked down.

When the hallucination attack stopped working, Black Maria ate the smiley fruit.

Trying to attack Robin using Wanyudo

But Brook blocks Black Maria’s attack with Soul Solid.

Black Maria is furious and wants to touch Robin’s heart.

He laughed at Sanji asking Robin for help.

Even Luffy who fell into the sea laughed at him

Robin is The meaning that Sanji relied on me

Black Maria, you say you don’t know

Luffy is the one who will become the Pirate King.

Sanji says that he is a man who suits the wings of the Pirate King.

Enraged, Robin uses the technique Higante Flu to create a giant clone of himself.

Black Maria is surprised by the sheer size of Robin’s clone.

Luffy wakes up in the sea beneath Onigashima

Luffy gets out of the submarine and says he needs to go up to the rooftop of Onigashima.

Then Momonosuke and Shinobu appear.

Momonosuke heard Luffy’s voice.

Tells Luffy’s words to his colleagues

After Luffy thanked Momonosuke

He becomes a dragon and asks him to move back to Onigashima.

Momonosuke is worried that he hasn’t been able to use the dragon’s power properly yet.

Luffy gives Momo confidence that you can do it.

Momonosuke is the man who will become the shogun of Wano.

He transforms into a dragon saying he can’t be scared.

Luffy: Momo can do it!

Momonosuke: Get on it, Luffy!!

And the caribou watching the two of them from afar Return to Sohu to see more


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