One year and 17 million downloads for the mobile version of Dead By Daylight

Dead By Daylight from Quebec studio Behavior continues to climb in popularity. The console and PC versions have been around for several years, but the mobile version is celebrating its first anniversary today… and 17 million downloads!

Image credit: Behavior

We are really talking about a success story Quebecois when it comes to Dead By Daylight. In addition to being played cross-platorm on consoles and PC across the world by millions of gamers, the mobile, iOS and Android version is celebrating its first anniversary today. The app has been downloaded on mobile more than 17 million times!

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Behavior just came from start a new chapter, All-Kill, currently available on console and PC versions, and on mobile on May 3rd.

Here are excerpts from Behavior’s press release that highlights this course:

« Since its launch on April 16, 2020, the mobile game a achieved several important milestones. Think of the first million telecloadings, reached just 48 hours after the game’s release, at the key number of nearly 60 million games andt more than 170 million generators repaired in total – there is a lot to celebrate. »

« To build the team of DbD Mobile and develop the Game have been a year-long process where I had the chance to working with a group of talented, funny and warm people », mentions Valentine Dessertenne, producer for Dead by Daylight Mobile. « We are deeply proud of the game that we made, from a simple prototype to the expanding game that we know now. I’m excited to see what’s in store for Dead by Daylight Mobile and this great team. »

“To celebrate a full year of Dead by Daylight mobile, in-game celebrations are currently underway. The birthday gift boxes are available for free and contain collections of outfits already released: players can dress their favorite Slayers or Survivors. From April 19 to 25, the Summer Camp collection will be available, featuring summer outfits for Dwight, Meg, the Nurse and the Trapper. Finally, the Back to School collection, featuring the Dans le coup pour Claudette outfit and the Lost Cause outfit for the Legion will be available from April 26 to May 2. ”

“The first anniversary celebrations will culminate with the release of the All-Kill chapter within Dead by Daylight mobile on May 3rd. “

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