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Exactly a year ago on Saturday, the then healthcare minister Bruno Bruins announced live on TV that the corona virus had also been diagnosed in the Netherlands. A difficult year followed, in which many people were affected by the virus, for example because they became seriously ill or died. Below you will find an overview of the most important infection, illness and death figures.

Nearly 1.1 million positive tests

The man in a Tilburg hospital who was the first to be told that he was infected with the corona virus, has since been followed by about 1,080,000 others. However, this RIVM figure is far from complete.

Certainly at the beginning of the outbreak, by no means all carriers of the virus were tested. But due to the speed – with daily and weekly updates – RIVM figures often formed the basis of corona policy. The trained eye can recognize in which direction the virus is moving.

2.6 million Dutch people would have been infected

Sanquin data help estimate how many people have actually become infected. The blood bank reports monthly how many donors have antibodies against the corona virus. According to the latest report, from mid-February, 15 percent of the donors have had the virus. That equates to 2.6 million people, if it is assumed that just as much of the entire population has been infected.

41,000 recordings, of which 8,700 on ic

The question of how many people had severe symptoms can best be answered by looking at hospital admissions. So far, about 41,000 people have been admitted to a nursing ward of a hospital and about 8,700 people in the ICU, according to data from the National Intensive Care Evaluation Foundation (NICE). Some of them died.

Infections, hospitalizations and deaths since February 27, 2020, by municipality

Tens of thousands of people continue to have complaints for a long time

Some COVID-19 patients (including many IC patients) still need months after their corona infection and first period of illness to fully recover. It is not known exactly how many of these there are; not everyone is treated (and therefore registered). The KNGF physiotherapist’s federation does estimate that at least 28,000 former COVID-19 patients are currently receiving physiotherapy treatments as aftercare, a spokesperson reported to

For the time being, these are mostly patients from the first wave. Because it takes a while for someone with long-term corona laughter to end up with a physical therapist, many second-wave patients are not yet in the picture.

At least 100,000 operations postponed

Many other patients have also been affected by the virus, albeit indirectly. Last year at least 100,000 necessary but non-emergency operations were postponed. Beds, operating rooms and equipment were cleared for COVID-19 patients. This has emerged from a study by the Dutch Associations for Anaesthesiology and Surgery.

More than 15,000 confirmed COVID-19 deaths

It is difficult to say how many people have died from COVID-19. RIVM has so far reported more than fifteen thousand corona-related deaths, but this figure is incomplete. GGDs do not always inform the institute that someone has died of COVID-19, partly because this is not mandatory. In addition, people have also died from the effects of the virus while they have not been tested for it.

The Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS) paints a more complete picture by looking at statements of cause of death from doctors. They say that from March to October thirteen thousand people certainly or probably died of COVID-19, about 75 percent more than is known at the RIVM over that period. A striking number of victims were elderly, long-term care recipients and men.


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