OnePlus 9 Pro: a leak seems to confirm the curved screen

Smartphones follow each other (and look alike). Manufacturers are multiplying the models. Today at OnePlus, it is the OnePlus 9 Pro that is talking about him. What will the beast look like?

Don’t expect the flat screen of the OnePlus 8T is found in the next generation of flagship of the Chinese manufacturer. OnLeaks et Voice have released what appear to be renders of the highly anticipated OnePlus 9 Pro. And the design of the device seems to keep the curved screen of the 8 Pro. Like it or not, this screen seems to be back. The OnePlus 9 Pro would also have a slightly smaller slab, 6.55 inches, against 6.7 for its predecessor.

A first leak of the OnePlus 9 Pro

Among other things that could be in the game, one should apparently expect a rear camera module quite similar to that of the Galaxy Note 20 for the base OnePlus 9. The 9 Pro, meanwhile, would have 4 cameras in this module, for performance expected in this segment more advanced, obviously.

The leak in question today does not mention anything about the specifications of these devices but OnePlus should use the next generation of chips Qualcomm Snapdragon high-end 800. The sensors of this camera module should also be improved. Quite benign improvements therefore, for a new model which should not be too different from the generation 8.

seems to confirm the presence of a curved screen

OnePlus should also introduce the 9 Pro next March. This would remain consistent with the usual release schedule which sees a launch every six months. In March, it would be slightly earlier than the 8 Pro’s first anniversary, that said. Still, we must avoid making too many conjectures. The design of the 9 Pro could still evolve a lot in the coming months and the Covid-19 pandemic and the health crisis have clearly complicated everything for manufacturers. Still, this leak remains consistent with the habits of the Chinese brand, suggesting that OnePlus should not (too) change its formula in 2021.

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