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Gading Marten and Gisella Anastasia.

GridPop.ID – Parting between Gisella Anastasia and Gading Marten until now it is still in the public spotlight.

Many regretted their second divorce.

Moreover, Gisel and Gading have been blessed with a beautiful princess, Gempita Nora Marten.

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Often referred to as a harmonious family, the reason for their divorce is a mystery.

However, some time ago Gading Marten told the remaining story of his divorce on Melaney Ricardo’s Youtube, Thursday (04/04/19).

“At first it felt oh I was okay, but then there was still a changed feeling. But it must be okay, life goes on, we have to get up immediately.

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Live only once, now how do you focus on work, please Gempi and many other siblings too, “said Gading Marten to Melaney.

“Yesterday it (divorce) was a very good lesson to mature me, and now I’m fine,” he continued.

In the midst of his struggle to get up, Gading tried to instill in him that life must always be happy.

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“Enjoy this day as it is the last day,” he said.

According to Gading, every family has their own way of solving their problems.

“Everyone has their own character, we can’t teach others our way. I’m tired of reading comments, it seems everyone wants me to come back with Gisel,” said Gading.

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“We look happy and fine? Yes, the name is happy, it is natural to share. However, when there is a problem, it doesn’t have to be shared too. In fact, other people feel sorry for it so they continue to be baper,” said Gading.

Gading revealed that he had confessed his ‘sin’ of regret to his ex-wife.

His ‘sin’ to Gisel was Gading Marten’s inability to complete his marriage vows to his wife.

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“I said to Gisel at that time, ‘Sorry I can’t finish what I started,” said Gading.

Learning from the breakdown in his household, Gading advised Melaney.

“For example, if you find a problem, remember the first time you started the relationship. At that time, how did it start, why? Everything must be discussed,” said Gading.

Responding to Gading Marten’s statement, Melaney Ricardo could only be silent and nodded.

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