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OnlyFans is one of the most popular adult content subscription platforms of the last decade. More and more people are joining it to make money, and many of them are making more money than the average professional worker.

MrQ is a UK website specialized in games that processed the figures of the highest paid users OnlyFans and compared that income to existing data on what professionals typically earn.

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Broadly speaking, they found that many of the Adult content creators on the platform generate more income than doctors, lawyers, teachersetc.

To calculate monthly and yearly revenue, the researchers looked at creators’ subscription costs and the number of subscribers. They also took into account the 20% cut that the platform gets for its users.

According to research, user ‘gem101’ earns the most money through OnlyFans with more than 29.4 million dollars annually (more than 128 billion pesos), which represents an average of 2.4 million dollars per month (more than 885 million pesos).

The woman’s account, called Gemma McCourt, has a subscription cost of 29 dollars per month (approximately 128 thousand pesos) and has more than 102 thousand subscribers.

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The website, based on data from the United Kingdom, indicates that a doctor generates an average of 109 thousand dollars a year in England, this being the best paid profession in that country. In second place are the lawyers, with an average of 90 thousand dollars a year.

“Physicians at the peak of their career will earn just over $109,000 a year (about $9,152 per month), with top models like gem101 earning 22 times as much in a single month,” the report’s authors wrote. “That’s almost 270 times more a year,” they added.


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