Opera and medicine unite to fight Covid-19

Four years agoAlex Aldren, a 28-year-old British doctor, decided to pursue his true passion: opera.

After graduating from the University of Birmingham, he began working at the Royal London Hospital, where he realized that his real dream was to be on stage., delighting viewers with his voice.

So he decided to study at the Royal Academy of Music in London, concluding his studies in 2019, where he started singing professionally.

But In the face of the crisis in the world due to the Covid-19 pandemic, he came to support his colleagues.

As expected Not only did he join the fight against this disease, he also delighted his patients and colleagues with his singing, so that they try to face this situation in the best way.

“I feel incredibly lucky to be working and to be able to contribute to fighting this crisis, and still be able to sing. It has become a normal thing at work and I am singing a lot. We are all enjoying it and so am I, definitely, ”he says.

The enthusiasm of this young doctor. He has gone viral on social networks with several videos, where he is observed delighting his colleagues during one of his breaks.

Together with the “Choir of Barts”, one of the largest in London, it is raising funds to support the hospital staff and their patients; One of the main goals is to provide tablets to patients in isolation rooms so they can communicate with their families.

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