“Opera Unveils Aria: The New Intelligent Browser Technology With AI Prompts and More”

2023-05-26 07:20:34

Opera recently added ChatGPT and ChatSonic technologies to its browser of the same name, and launched a feature called “AI Prompts”, which allows users to find more content through automatic generation of artificial intelligence. It was announced earlierArtificial intelligence technology called “Aria”which will enhance the web browsing experience through auto-generated artificial intelligence.

“Aria” will be designed with OpenAI’s GPT technology and Opera’s “Composer” infrastructure, so that users can more easily find various information, program codes, or automatically generate content through the Opera browser, and even answer users Find product information, or perform artificial intelligence collaboration services.

And through Opera’s “Composer” architecture design, “Aria” can be connected to a variety of artificial intelligence models, such as using more Opera cooperative search engine services, so that users can more easily find the answers they need.

Prior to this, Opera has introduced a function called “AI Prompts” in the sidebar, allowing users to communicate in a natural language interactive way, and Opera’s future goal is to directly integrate artificial intelligence technology in the browser, and let Users can handle more cross-browser work items through artificial intelligence.

At present, “Aria” is expected to be available for free, and can operate in more than 180 countries and regions including the European Union. From now on, the test version of Opera browser on desktop and Android platform will be available to provide experience, and users only need to create A group of Opera accounts can be used.

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