Opinion groups oppose the abolition of the debt limit on the terms proposed by Laporta

BarcelonaDifferent opinion groups of Barça members have shown their rejection of the amendment to article 67 of the statutes proposed by Joan Laporta’s board. In his view, this article, which regulates the debt limit, needs to be tweaked to suit the current situation arising from the coronavirus. However, they believe that an excessive modification is being made. “It’s disproportionate. It takes away our sovereignty.”

The article in question determines that, if a board closes a year with losses – as will happen with Laporta – it has two years to straighten out the budget balance. Otherwise, it will have to stop. The board’s version is that, given Barça’s financial situation, it is “impossible” to recover the losses of almost 500 million (481) in two seasons, and warn that this would lead the club to new elections. Therefore, the current directive proposes a transitional provision that invalidates this article until the club’s net worth becomes positive.

Modify, but not delete

From these opinion groups, however, they refute Laporta’s fears. They say that the article must remain in force and that, in any case, some modifications may be introduced. “Articles are moderated, they play with deadlines. It’s not the same indebtedness as losses.” In his view, Laporta, despite saying that the article would be in force again when there is a positive net worth, is actually “suspending sine die this control measure “.

Senyor Ramon, Dignitat Blaugrana, Seguiment FCB, Compromissaris FCB, Un Crit Valent, Transparència Blaugrana and Noies Twitter have proposed that the delegates vote no to this article – which will finally be voted on separately – and have urged the Laporta board to start talks to tweak its proposal for an upcoming assembly. “There is time until June 2023 to find a solution,” they conclude.


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