Opposed to immunization of pregnant women, eminent Professor Dolev slams the door

In the main edition of the site mako.co.il As of last night, we learn that Professor Eran Dolev has chosen to resign from the committee because his position on the issue of vaccination of pregnant women against SARS-CoV2 has not been accepted. Dolev is one of Israel’s most respected doctors – and he’s been vaccinated against the virus.

The eminent professor left the committee slamming the door: Professor Eran Dolev, until recently a member of the Ministry of Health’s vaccine prioritization committee, recently decided to resign.

The reason: “He objected to recommending that pregnant women be vaccinated against the virus. “

Professor Dolev is an experienced and highly esteemed physician who served as Chief Medical Officer and also Chairman of the Ethics Office of the Medical Association.

« Such a vaccine has not been tested by any company and has not been approved by the FDA for pregnant women. ».

He added in the conversation: “The committee is allowed not to accept my advice, so I wrote to Boaz Lev, the director of the vaccination committee, that if it was decided to vaccinate pregnant women, I think that every woman who came to receive the vaccine would have to sign an informed consent and be given an explanation saying the vaccine was not tested. ”

After these statements, the site clarifies that the vast majority of experts in Israel and around the world believe that a corona vaccine is not considered dangerous for pregnant women – therefore, the recommendation of the Ministry of Health for women pregnant is to get vaccinated.

Televised statement by the resigning professor:

Prof. Eran Dolev explaining his resignation from the Corona vaccine monitoring committee: “I said that pregnant women should not be vaccinated, because no company had tested it … My position was rejected … J I said: at least they sign an informed consent form … Rejected. “

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