Opposition en bloc calls for the departure of Rozas after the carabinieri shot children of the Sename

The bloc opposition and even some pro-government parliamentarians raised their voices on Wednesday to ask for the departure of the General Director of the Carabineros, Mario Rozas, after the incident in which Institution officials shot at children residing in a SENAME collaborating home in Talcahuano.

The incident once again put Rozas into question, who has been more than a year involved in controversy for his management during the protests that have taken place in Chile since October 18, 2019, framed in the social outbreak, with accusations of alleged human rights violations by organizations such as the HIM-HER-IT O International Amnesty.

From the DC, the deputy for the Biobío Region and vice president of the party, Joanna perez, said in a statement that “We cannot continue to allow these abuses by the police, State agents entering a home that is already expensively protected from Sename. What happened is very serious, we demand the resignation of the Carabineros general. “

His co-religionist, the deputy Gabriel silver, deputy head of the bench, stated that “in the face of the use of firearms by the Carabineros against minors who are supposed to be protected by the state of Chile, there is nothing else but to insist on what we have been asking for for some time. a long time facing permanent human rights abuses and violations: that General Rozas leaves his post, his permanence in command of the institution is indefensible. We need another police. “

“Our most categorical condemnation of acting outside the control of the Carabineros in a children’s home in Talcahuano. We demand swift action from the Government and the immediate removal of General Rozas. His situation does not give for more. Enough of impunity “, urged, for his part, the Socialist Party.

From that store, the deputy Maya fernandez pointed out, through Twitter, that the director of the Carabineros “has to be removed now by the interior minister,” calling Rodrigo Delgado: “I hope this is one more test to demand the responsibilities of command from General Rozas once and for all How long is impunity? What happened is very serious. “

Who also condemned the events was the senator Alejandro Guillier (Ind.), Who reflected: “Minors from Sename’s home in Talcahuano wounded by police shots. Who takes political responsibility? Who controls Rozas? “

“Excused former Minister Pérez, police repression continues. @sebastianpinera continues at war with the people of Chile, “tweeted the former presidential candidate of the then New Majority.

In the same vein, the helmsman and presidential candidate of the Party for Democracy (PPD), Heraldo Muñoz, demanded the speedy departure of the director general: “Rozas must go! And the deep reform of the Carabineros does not admit any more delay.”

“I am proposing to my party to freeze relations with the Government until it is clarified and they assume responsibility for what happened in Talcahuano, “announced the former foreign minister.

To Senator PPD and President of the Senate, Adriana Muñoz, the Carabineros situation “is unsustainable.” The legislator emphasized that this serious incident “must be investigated and once and for all assume the responsibilities of command against these acts “.


Among the representatives of the Broad Front (FA) who repudiated the fact is the deputy and helmsman of the Democratic Revolution, Catalina Perez, who stated that “Rozas’ permanence does not hold any longer. It is urgent to refound Carabineros now! “.

“Even right-wing deputies are already saying it: Mario Rozas must leave. What is president hiding @sebastianpinerawhat secret is there? You are the first person responsible for all this, answer at once! “, The deputy tweeted Gael Yeomans (Social Convergence).

Your party partner Diego Ibanez, assured that, despite the four Interior Ministers that this Government has had, “Carabineros is still out of control and Rozas intact. The shots against children and adolescents in the Sename home in Talcahuano are already the direct political responsibility of President Piñera. It is in your hands. They are already unfulfilled constitutional duties x the President. “

Claudia Mix, deputy of Commons, he maintained that “at this point the responsibility transcends to Carabineros and the 4 min. of the interior. Here is a undeniable political responsibility of President Piñera. “

Meanwhile, from the Humanist Party (ex FA), the deputy Pamela Jiles reaffirmed that “the aggression against minors of Sename Talcahuano by the Carabineros forces Interior Minister Rodrigo Delgado to immediately dismiss General Rozas. “

Meanwhile, from the Communist Party (PC), the main presidential letter from the left and mayor of Recoleta, Daniel Jadue, also urged the intervention to Carabineros, accusing that “Human rights violations persist in Chile.”

In the same vein, the communist deputy expressed herself Camila vallejo, who demanded that the Minister of the Interior “Give explanations and once and for all stop shielding Rozas.”

Meanwhile, the deputy Daniel Nunez (PC) affirmed that Delgado “can no longer evade his responsibility. He must ask for the resignation of General Rozas for the shooting of the children of Sename. “


But the requests for resignation have not only come from the opposition: from the ruling coalition itself, Chile Vamos, the deputy Leonidas Romero, from National Renewal, stated that “General Rozas must step aside.”

“A couple of ministers have already gone home and he continues in charge of the institution. Today there are more than 60,000 men and women who are working in the Carabineros de Chile. There are some who exceed their powers and who act violently, that’s why I believe that it is necessary that the Government and that President Piñera and the Minister of the Interior take drastic measures “, asserted the legislator.

Romero’s call was joined by his co-religionist Jorge Duran, also deputy:


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