Ornamental Flower Plants, Kingdom Wrath & Urges Harry to Cancel Contract of Rp. 2 T


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1. The Royal Family Is Wrathful, Urges Harry & Meghan To Cancel Contracts Worth Rp. 2 T

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle signed a deal with Netflix earlier this year. The deal is worth millions of dollars, Mother. The couple is involved in the production of the content.

However, Netflix pissed off the Buckingham Palace crowd. They are angry because of the depiction of the Royal Family in the series The Crown which discusses the relationship between Princess Diana and Prince Charles.

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2. Gisel Posting Caption Confused, Ivory Comments Praised by Netizens

Gisella Anastasia is facing negative issues. Some time ago, an exciting video similar to Gisel was circulating that shocked social media.

As an artist who is hit by an exciting video issue similar to her, Gisella Anastasia doesn’t say much, Mother. But, recently he wrote a wise quote on Instagram social media. Gading Marten also commented on the quote.

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3. 7 photos of Arya Saloka & Putri, romantic millennial couples who are far from gossip

Arya Saloka and Putri Anne are a romantic millennial celebrity couple who are far from gossip.

However, it turns out that not many people know that the two of them have actually been living in the house for 3 years, you know. They also often appear intimate and harmonious.

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4. 5 poisonous ornamental plants, beware!

Ornamental plants have become a trend in themselves during the corona pandemic. You don’t need to leave the house often if you like to care for ornamental plants. Because ornamental plants can be purchased online, you can take care of them from home.

In addition to beautifying the house, ornamental flower plants provide freshness to the room and yard. But be careful, Mother, some ornamental flower plants are poisonous.

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5. 100 Sanskrit girl names starting with S with various meanings

Are you pregnant with a baby girl and are about to give birth? If you haven’t found a baby name that is right for your baby? Baby names from Sanskrit can be an inspiration for mothers, you know.

Baby names from Sanskrit are also commonly used in Indonesia. Are you interested?

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