OSS punches the RAA after a reprimand. Fired. Him. “I didn’t want to, I repented”. – AssoCareNews.it

Doctors and nurses kicked and punched in the emergency room in Mantua.

A Social Health Worker punched a Care Manager after a reprimand. Denounced and fired for just cause.

A US 32-year-old Italian and former drug addict was reported after verbally assaulting and punching a Responsible for welfare activities (RAA) and after insulting a nurse who came to the meeting room to separate them.

Now theOperator social health risks on the criminal side, above all because there is aggression against a woman, who nevertheless preferred not to go further and, to date, not to file any complaint against her.

L’USAs it turns out, he immediately apologized to the RAA, which had previously warned him about some unfinished care services. The operator had just been hired and was about to pass the trial month for a contractual reconfirmation.

It all happened in the province of Bologna in a well-known Social-Health Care Residence.

At the moment we do not know anything else, except that the man was immediately sent home with a termination of the contract with no return.

Already in the past theUS he had shown episodes of short temper and touchiness, but he had never attacked anyone, either verbally or physically as in this case.

The RAA he got away with a bruise on his right cheek.

Without words.

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