OTP points out that the industry is booming export value soar Advice to catch consumer trends after the covid epidemic

OTP points out that the food and beverage industry is thriving. export value soar Advice to catch consumer trends after the covid epidemic revealed that Thai products exported had a slower growth rate.

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Date 27 Oct. ’64 Mr. Ronnarong Poonpipat Director of the Office of Trade Policy and Strategy (OCP) revealed that the study found that The food and beverage industry is still the industry that truly generates the most income for Thai people. This indicates that the proportion of export value from Thai companies to the total export value of the food and beverage industry is as high as 73%, and the proportion of raw materials used in the country is up to 81%.

In 2020, the food and beverage industry generated revenues of more than $20,505 million in the country, and the first 8 months of 2021 generated revenues of $14.047 million in the country.

TPCH has analyzed the status of Thai products in the world market under the food and beverage industry, and found that potential products can be divided into 2 groups. And exports continued to grow at a good rate. or star constellations, such as grain products, animal feeds, seasonings and food products such as noodles

The second group is the product group with good export growth rate. But there is still a small market share in the world market, which the Office of the Industrial Development Commission sees as a growing product. Therefore, it is an opportunity to drive more exports to increase revenue. The government may support entrepreneurs by organizing activities to increase consumer awareness of Thai products in the export market, including: Meat and meat-based foods, beverages, vegetable and animal fats and oils milk and dairy products flavored food bread and bakery and accessories Sugar candies and ice cream

At the same time, there were some product groups that the OPC found that exports of Thai products grew at a lower rate. or has a contraction rate Compared to the past that has continued to expand, including Vegetables, canned and processed fruits canned and processed seafood products, sugar products and tea products

which entrepreneurs need to invest in developing new product models in line with changing consumer behavior Some products may be saturated in the existing market. need to expand into new markets that still has a tendency to grow in imports and organize promotional activities

Operators need to keep up with food and beverage trends that change according to consumer behavior. especially behavior after facing the epidemic situation of the Covid-19 virus. that focuses on the importance of food and beverages that promote good health

Including future food trends (future food) will continue to be a long-term trend, including organic food. functional food and drink, non-drug medical food and supplement innovative food (novel food)

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