Our 2021 list of countries to live in retirement

EXCLUSIVE – Cost of living, housing, taxation, climate, health, social life, physical activity … Le Figaro sifted through data from 17 countries popular with French retirees.

At first it’s just a little voice. It suggests the call of the open sea, of adventure, of expatriation, once the page of professional life has been turned. It is getting heady, as the end of the pandemic period – hopefully – approaches. But how can you be sure that you are choosing the right country? Le Figaro has developed twelve thematic rankings, making it possible to build a ranking that provides concrete answers to French retirees. It is a question of the financial aspect, of course, but also of health, safety, the possibility of having fun, of fitting into the social fabric, of staying in shape, of having a rewarding daily life. ..

We have selected a panel of seventeen countries. Say goodbye to irrational choices and unrealistic destinations that are sometimes mentioned. We have decided to only select proven destinations, those that matter:

  • With at least 1,000 French retirees already living there, according to figures from the National Old Age Insurance Fund.
  • With at least 1 million inhabitants.

The security and stability of the political system are the first conditions for a successful expatriation. We have chosen

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