Outbreak alert South Africa exploded in new variant virus detection, medical materials and epidemic prevention stocks resume rally | Anue Juheng-Taiwan Stock Market Trend

South Africa’s new variant virus B.1.1.529 is coming on fiercely, and the World Health Organization (WHO) will also meet urgently to discuss the severity. The long-slumping epidemic prevention concept stocks rose sharply today (26), including the testing of medical materials factory Yanuofa (4133-TW), hot show (3373-TW) Attacking the daily limit to lock up, Yu Bo (4106-TW)、ABC-KY(6598-TW), Baoling (1760-TW) Also pulled out more than half of the stop.

Mask cleaning supplies manufacturer Virtue Medical-DR(9103-TW), Connaught (9919-TW), Mao Bao (1732-TW) Waiting for the lights to turn on simultaneously, the counter stocks Mincheng Health, Jin Wanlin and Bo Re also rose more than 10%.

The COVID-19 epidemic has spread for nearly two years. Recently, the epidemic in Europe has been the most severe. The cumulative number of deaths has exceeded 1.5 million. France will open the vaccination booster for adult people to encourage high-end vaccines (6547-TW) In early trading, it turned red and rose, with the highest station reaching 252 yuan, an increase of more than 5%, conquering the seasonal line; the upstream liquid manufacturer Tai Kang Sheng (6589-TW) There was also an increase of more than 4%, and the rear filling plant Toyo (4105-TW) Once back to the 70 yuan mark.

Foreign media reported that the spike protein in the B.1.1.529 virus has 32 mutations, which is currently the most mutated new coronavirus variant. It is twice as high as the Delta variant, and its infectivity and ability to break through vaccine protection are stronger.

In order to prevent the B.1.1.529 variant from affecting the efficacy of the vaccine, the European government announced the ban on flights from six countries including South Africa, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Lesotho, and Swadini. Citizens entering from relevant regions also Must be isolated.

According to statistics, a total of 259.93 million people worldwide have been infected with the disease, with more than 5.18 million deaths. As of November 25, Taiwan had a total of 16,554 million people with the disease and 848 deaths.

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