Outrage over acid and bomb attacks on policemen August 2021 – Bogotá

Brigadier General Eliécer Camacho, commander of the Bogotá Metropolitan Police, pointed out that on Saturday, August 28, several peaceful marches were accompanied, but that it was also necessary to intervene on four points: the ‘y’ of Yomasa, the 10th with 27 South, the Portal de Las Américas and the Portal de Suba. “There were damages to public transport, to the TransMilenio stations and attacks against the police. 36 people were captured and seven minors were apprehended ”.

Two policemen were injured, one with a blunt element and the other was affected by a Molotov cocktail at the Portal de Las Américas. “He has affectations on his neck and delicate face, but he is out of danger.”

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The Police also denounced this weekend the threats to the workers of the service stations. “The vandals use gasoline to attack the police with artisanal bombs.” Camacho added that in Usme another policeman was thrown acid. “Fortunately, it could be treated on site, it was cleaned and we avoided further damage.”

President Iván Duque ruled on these events. “When you see vandalism, you see destruction, acid attacks on the Public Force, attacks on citizens, they are clearly criminal attitudes and we are not going to stop a single capture of those who belong to these criminal structures.” He added that “many have tried to perfume them politically, but here what we are talking about is criminal acts in light of the Colombian penal code and we will proceed with all force”.

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Mayor Claudia López also spoke on the subject. “The so-called first lines of Usme, Kennedy, Suba have the instruction to attack the community, destroy space and public property and violate the police. We will continue working together with young people, the community and merchants in the recovery and safety of their neighborhoods ”.


Camacho also confirmed the murder of patrolman Luis Edilberto Ocampo Ramos, in Suba, at dawn yesterday.

He explained that everything happened in the El Triángulo neighborhood. “The policeman was in a procedure to control the closure of establishments. They are operatives that seek to reduce fights for intolerance ”.

Luis Edilberto Ocampo Ramos, patrolman killed in the middle of a fight.

While attending a case, a subject offended an officer of the institution, and when the patrolman tried to mediate and lead the aggressor to a station, he was attacked from behind with a knife. Immediately this man was captured. The patrol car was transferred to the La Colina Clinic. “Unfortunately he passed away,” confirmed the general.

Ocampo was 24 years old, he had entered the Training School in 2018. “He had extensive activity, he had been a police assistant in Villavicencio, where he is from.”

The body is in Legal Medicine for the assessment of the wounds and progress is being made in the process of prosecuting the aggressor. “We call on society to remain calm. Police officers safeguard the lives of people who consume liquor or hallucinogens. They are being attacked on a daily basis in this activity ”. There are already three recent cases of police assassinated in service. “A traffic patrol car died during a theft, and a police officer, when her bicycle was stolen. The call is for tolerance and calm; they are affecting many families ”.

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The murderer, a native of Barranquilla, is going to be prosecuted for murder. “He does not have a defined profession or economic activity, but, according to CAI Rincón officials, he is a person who was constantly transferred for drug use and aggressive acts,” Camacho concluded.

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