Over 700 workers unfairly dismissed in the agricultural sector

The agricultural sector is one of the economic sectors most affected by the crisis. In addition to the drought that has hit the sector hard during the past season, there is the Covid-19 crisis, the economic consequences of which have been dramatic for the sector. Asphyxiated financially, the employers had to dismiss unfairly, according to statistics communicated by the UMT, some 700 agricultural workers.

The layoffs have been taking place since May 2020 in the Souss Massa region, particularly in Chtouka Aït Baha. UMT officials cite two important companies in the region, Rosaflor and Soprofel, specializing in the production and export of agricultural products, particularly citrus fruits.

These are large companies in the region. Other companies are cited by the National Federation of the Agricultural Sector, affiliated to UMT. These include, among others, Pepper Word, specializing in the packaging, importation and production of agricultural products, and the company Citrus de Taroudant. These two companies unfairly dismissed more than 300 farm workers without compensation or compensation. They now find themselves on the streets when their income allowed them to meet the needs of their families.

UMT does not intend to give up in the face of this extremely difficult social situation for these poor employees who, for the most part, have more than 20 years of experience. During their entire working period, these workers were also deprived of their most basic social and trade union rights, including the CNSS, health insurance and retirement.

The bulk of the agricultural labor force in this region is made up of rural people who, along with their families, suffer from extremely precarious living conditions.

The local authorities, despite the pressure exerted by the UMT, have not yet mobilized to do justice to these workers who face a bleak future in the current economic context marked by the Coivid-19 crisis.

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