Overwatch League 2020: the San Francisco Shock winners of the final against Seoul Dynasty

This afternoon was held the grand final of theOverwatch League, season 2020. As a reminder, in this particular year, four teams qualified for the finals, two from the region ACAP (Seoul Dynasty and Shanghai Dragons) and two others from the region NA (San Francisco Shock and Philadelphia Fusion). After playoffs of Grand Finals tight, Those are the Shock and Dynasty who finished in the final.

So the match took place this afternoon and, like last year, it is San Francisco Shock who wins the title of championOverwatch League 2020, with a score of 4 to 2. Even without Sinatraa, gone to play Valuing, the teamYEARS, Striker, super, smurf, moth and Viol2t beat that of Profit, FITS, Gesture, Marve1, tobi and Creative, despite an excellent level of play and an early comeback from the Koreans. Ultimately, it’s good SF Shock who wins in this final, marking the end of a very chaotic season. Blame it on the COVID-19 pandemic resulting from the cancellation of Homestands in favor of home matches, which however did not prevent San Francisco Shock to ride on his opponents, regardless of the region, NA or ACAP. And it is Striker who wins the title of MVP of the final, thanks to his impressive performance on Hanzo, the one of the season having already been awarded to Sheet of Shanghai Dragons a few weeks ago.

This time therefore, no big closing ceremony, the final was held behind closed doors, more Blizzard France had nevertheless organized a small festive start to the afternoon with guests (Julien Josselin, Doigby, Mickalow and one Squeezie non-existent, the interest of inviting popular influencers, but quite far from the scene Overwatch is questionable), the opportunity to warm the spectators before the start of the match. But the enthusiasm was quickly cooled by the big worries of the website of theOverwatch League at the start of the match, supposed to distribute virtual rewards to fans throughout. For a first final broadcast on YouTube Gaming, it is a failure on the spectator side. Note, as always, the seriousness and goodwill of casters French who made us live the competition throughout the year, regardless of the time and the vagaries of the live, bravo to Shaytwan, Adyboo, Mourning, SuriPlay, Zaroids, Hammerkick, FAYAw, Itaah, Rivenzi, Work and Atao. Blizzard also took advantage of the event to announce the return of Creepy Halloween 2020, which will start next Tuesday.

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L’Overwatch League 2020, like most sports competitions and eSports, had to adapt as best she could to the pandemic, the show was still there despite the technical concerns and, logically, we should find theOverwatch League 2021 early next year, although nothing has yet been formalized. You can buy a sweatshirt from theOWL, to keep you warm this winter while waiting for the recovery, to € 52.99 on Amazon.fr.

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