Owners of THQ and Koch Media have 150 games in development, 70 to be completed by March 2022

These figures do not take into account the Gearbox and Aspyr Media projects, their latest acquisitions.

No one doubts the size it has Embracer Group. Few did it after that 12 companies bought suddenly a few months ago, and even less after acquiring the creators of Borderlands this same year. Not surprisingly, we are talking about the parent company of companies such as THQ Nordic, Koch Media and Saber Interactive, among many others. An immense portfolio of editors and studios that, apparently, has 150 games in development right now. And half of them will finish their development before March 2022.

Embracer has increased its workforce by 93%This is not speculation or hearsay: are data offered by Embracer herself. On the occasion of your last tax report, shared by IGN, the Swedish conglomerate confirms the volume of projects currently in hand. 150 games in development, and that not counting those with Gearbox, Aspyr Media or Easybrain, waiting to complete their acquisitions. This is how the company exposes it in the presentation of their results: “Looking ahead, we hope that next fiscal year ending in March 2022 be the most powerful in our historydriven by numerous major launches in the second half of the year. “

“Total, we hope to complete more than 70 projects of premium game development “in the next fiscal year, before March 2022, to which they add:” This excludes any additions to the purchases announced on February 3, with Gearbox, Aspyr and Easybrain. “Elsewhere in the report , and as we highlight in the headline, Embracer claims to have a total of 150 games in development; in addition to having increased the number of company employees by 93% over the previous year, to a total of 5,730 workers. Good example of the ambitions of this group for its future.

Valheim, Biomutant and MotoGP 21, the short term of Embracer

With the bulk of its developments planned for next fiscal year, which will begin on April 1, 2021, Embracer expects the current January-March quarter to be calmer in terms of revenue and results. Of course, they do not forget to highlight the success of Valheim. One of the biggest surprises so far this year, which “has sold about 3 million of copies “in just a few weeks, Embracer highlights, despite being an early access game.

Looking ahead to the next quarter, we have several major releases confirmed by Embracer Group companies. Titles like Biomutant, the long-awaited open world action RPG that has been in development for several years, and which will debut at the end of May through THQ. Or others like the just announced MotoGP 21, by the hand of Milestone (owned by Koch Media), which was presented yesterday with a trailer and its first details.

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