world Pablo Casado opens now to renew with the PSOE...

Pablo Casado opens now to renew with the PSOE the CGPJ in exchange for depoliticizing it




The leader of the PP is willing to “dialogue” with Pedro Snchez, but only for a “global” reform

Pablo Casado talks with some of the vice-secretaries of the PP in the Steering Committee.
David Mudarra | PP

The PP wants to establish its rules when negotiating the renewal of constitutional organs, such as the General Council of the Judiciary (CGPJ) or the Constitutional Court. Thepopularthe unlocking of both institutions is open to dialogue with Pedro Snchez, but only in exchange for a depoliticization of Justice that meets its basic requirements. That is, if the PSOE agrees to negotiate the state pact that Gnova is going to offer – as EL MUNDO advanced last Sunday – Pablo Casado will answer the call of the President of the Government and give him his hand.

Gnova sources assure this newspaper that there is a possibility to renew the CGPJ, but if Snchez does not accept the premise of depoliticizing Justice globally, there will be nothing to negotiate. This will happen through a reform of the appointment of the State’s attorney generals, so that they can never be political again, and a minimum period of four years must pass between those who abandon their political responsibilities and can take office. That is, so that a case similar to that of Dolores Delgado does not happen again, which was chosen and announced when she was a Minister of Justice and deputy of the PSOE.

The other two conditions that put the PP are to strengthen the euro-order system and criminalize the illegal call for a referendum, which Snchez promised in the last election campaign and that in Gnova believe that now he does not want to do, since he needs the support of the independence parties to carry out theBudgetsof 2020.

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The president of the PP said yesterday that his party is willing to sit down to negotiate with the PSOE the renewal of the CGPJ, but only if this entails a depoliticization of the judicial system, in the opposite direction to what socialists and popular parties have been agreeing since the reform of 1985. We will reach out to the PSOE if it wants to depoliticize theGeneral State Treasury, Married said in an interview with Antena 3.

In addition, the new secretary of Justice of the Popular Party,Enrique Lopez, assured that his party is open to dialogue on the renewal of the Judiciary, always from a state pact prism. We are going to sit down and talk, he said in an interview with Onda Madrid, because we must talk about a model of Justice designed for citizens, and not for specific emergencies, added

But, that yes, to coincide in the table of the pacts … Snchez will have to telephone to Casado: The first thing that Snchez has to do is to speak with the leader of the opposition, accused of blocking by the one who decided not to call. It is the same strategy. We have been paralyzed a year by general elections that have prevented the renewal of the Council, and now we have been a week[de nuevo Gobierno]and we are accused of blocking when a dialogue has not been initiated: we began badly, the former magistrate reproached.

You have to sit down and talk, Lpez insisted later, because Justice is not to satisfy political mortgages, but to solve citizen conflicts. Finally, Lpez stressed the good feeling he has with the new Minister of Justice, Juan Carlos Campo, whom he has known for years to coincide in the Judiciary and with whom he said he has many things in common.

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