Economy Pablo Iglesias to the agrarian organizations: «Keep pressing! You...

Pablo Iglesias to the agrarian organizations: «Keep pressing! You are right! »


The second vice president and Minister of Social Rights, Pablo Iglesias, has resurrected the famous “apprehension” of the president of the Generalitat during this afternoon’s meeting with Asaja, COAG and UPA. Specifically, he has shown his understanding towards the mobilizations that the Spanish countryside has been leading in recent weeks: «Keep pressing! You are absolutely right! », Asaja President Pedro Barato commented during a statement to the media after the meeting with the Government’s number three and the Labor Minister, Yolanda Díaz.

The meeting has brought several novelties: the most important is the presence of representatives of the Ministry of Agriculture in the person of the Secretary General of Agriculture, Fernando Miranda, in what seems a rectification regarding what happened last Friday. Precisely the agrarian organizations, especially Asaja and UPA, have agreed to request that this ministry “capitalize” the negotiations with the Government and play an important role. Similarly, especially UPA Secretary General Lorenzo Ramos have called for measures to be taken soon. Especially the reform of the law of the food chain.

The only concrete announcement, although still undated, the establishment of a dialogue table between the Ministry of Labor and representatives of trade unions and agricultural organizations on different labor matters, although excluding the new SMI that would be left to the minister of Inclusion, Scoial Security and Migration, José Luis Escrivá. It has also been pointed out from the representatives of the farmers, that the second vice president has been willing to hold interministerial meetings and the elaboration of an emergency plan with fiscal measures, although there are no major concretions. .


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