News Pablo Lyle did not sue the state of Florida,...

Pablo Lyle did not sue the state of Florida, said his lawyer


The Mexican actor Pablo Lyle did not sue the state of Florida, in the United States, as the program reported this week Tell me what you know.

The broadcast revealed that he had access to the documents on the process that Lyle would have undertaken before the Court of Appeals of the third district of Florida.

According to the interpretation given by the program to the text, the actor argued that the competent authorities were wrong to deny him immunity.

Nevertheless, Philip Reizenstein, one of Lyle’s lawyershe explained to Infobae Mexico that the actor He did not sue the state of Florida, but filed an appeal.

“Anyone who thinks that Paul is suing the state of Florida after reading the document is surprisingly ignorant of the law,” said the lawyer.

That is, what Pablo Lyle did was to file an appeal to the decision made by the judge. Marlene Fernandez-Karavetsos, at the hearing on January 22, who prohibited the actor from returning to Mexico.

Lyle wishes to return to his country to continue working and cover his legal expenses, because for now the actor is in conditional freedom and cannot leave the United States. At first he was under householding, but he is already allowed to leave his house at any time.

The prosecutor in the case was concerned that if he was allowed to travel to Mexico, the actor would no longer return to the United States to continue with the case followed by involuntary manslaughter (On March 31, 2019 Lyle hit Juan Ricardo Hernández, a 63-year-old man who died days later).

Reizenstein himself told the media present at one of Lyle’s recent hearings: “It is an international movie star. Where are you going to hide?

In his Twitter account he also posted a message to defend the actor.

“#Pablolyle is presumed innocent. He has made all appearances in court. Before the prosecution can catch it, they have to go through me. #novaapasar. He must be allowed to return home to work and be with his family. ”

Throughout the process, Lyle has insisted that he assaulted Juan Ricardo Hernández in self-defense.

However, the previous judge in his case, Alan Fine, denied him the possibility of using the argument known as “Stand Your Ground”, and the actor’s legal team appealed that decision.

The key point is that in the altercation between Lyle and Hernandez, the latter returned to his vehicle and that was when the actor ran towards him and hit him.

According to Judge Fine, he could not accept the argument of “Stand Your Ground” because he didn’t know if Hernandez returned to his car because he planned to launch an attack against Lyle and his family. The law says that a person has the right to defend himself if he feels threatened or fears something will happen to his family.

However, Lyle’s defense claims that the actor assaulted him because he feared that Hernandez could look for a gun in the car to return to attack him or use his own vehicle to launch against the truck in which Lyle was traveling with his family (three included children under ten years old)

The judge in the case determined that Pablo Lyle must remain in the United States pending the development of the process, which is still long,

For now, the decision of the Court of Appeals is expected to know if Lyle’s case continues, which would imply that the actor faces a trial or if the matter is dismissed.

The judge assigned to the case called a new hearing for March 30, just one day before the end of a year of the altercation that Pablo Lyle has in this legal conflict.



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