Pajtim Kasami: “I think I did the job”

‘I was at the end of my contract. I could have let it go. But that’s not my style. I wanted to leave FC Sion in the Super League before leaving. ‘ Pajtim Kasami really wanted to make his exit a success.

The Zurich resident was the main architect of FC Sion’s 2-1 success in Geneva. He signed the 1-1 with an unstoppable header on a free kick he himself caused before securing a perfect assist on Roberts Uldrikis’ 2-1. ‘My contract with FC Sion ends on August 15th. I think I did the job, he said. I have played all matches since the restart in their entirety with the exception of two minutes at Neuchâtel. ‘ A useful clarification to get rid of this label of ‘mercenary’ that was stuck too quickly when its president fired him in the spring for, according to the official version, having refused to negotiate partial unemployment.

‘We did everything wrong at the start’

In Geneva, Pajtim Kasami thus concluded in a brilliant way his adventure in Sedun, which lasted three years. ‘However, we did everything wrong at the beginning, he admits. The Servettiens’ start to the match was incredible. Like Cognat, they stepped on us … ‘But after this providential failure of the lighting, the Sedun residents regained their spirits under the impetus of a Pajtim Kasami who reminded observers of the neophyte who had everything turned upside down during his big ‘first’ for the Swiss team one evening in October 2013 against Slovenia.

Even if there is still this quarter-final of the Swiss Cup Thursday in Rapperswil that he could still play, the Zurichois delivered his last match on Monday evening. He now knows that he must not be mistaken about the choice he will be led to make. He must join a club which can allow him to find the Swiss team. His last selection dates back to March 2016. Aged 28, the U17 World Champion still has the greatest ambitions, he who has never yet played a big tournament with the A. ‘If you play in Sion, you won’t ‘have virtually no chance of being called up, he said. If I had played at Young Boys and Basel, the music wouldn’t have been the same. I know perfectly well that I no longer have the right to make mistakes. My agents have established contacts since January. We’ll see where they end up. ‘

‘His best years ahead of him’

Paolo Tramezzani is convinced that Pajtim Kasami’s future can be … magnificent. ‘Pajtim still has his best years ahead of him, says FC Sion coach. I am deeply convinced of this. You cannot imagine the sacrifices he makes in his day to day life to live up to his expectations. Tonight, he delivered a match at Pajtim. He has simply evolved to his level. He comes out of three seasons in Sion which were not easy. The club will lose him. It’s unfortunate, but Pajtim has to aim higher. ‘ Aim higher of course, but above all aim well.



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