Pantura Line Between Surabaya-Semarang Prone to Covid-19 Transmission

| | – The data team on the north coast line or pantura that connects Surabaya, East Java and Semarang, Central Java has a higher risk of transmitting the Corona Virus.

The conclusion was made based on observations of data made between June 14 and June 28, 2020. Because of this, areas around the pantura region must be mitigated so that the epidemic curve can go down in September 2020.

Conditions can be seen from the red map of the north coast route between Surabaya-Semarang, which passes Gresik, Tuban, Lasem, Rembang, except Pati, Kudus and Demak then enter Semarang.

“Likewise, districts adjacent to the pantura line such as Bojonegoro, Blora, Grobogan have a higher risk due to the interaction of local residents with residents of the neighboring regency,” data coordinator Ronald Bessie said in a press statement, Monday (6/29/6/ 2020).

Trends of transmission via pantura between Surabaya and Semarang have been increasingly apparent over the past two weeks. On the other hand, the Semarang-Jakarta pantura line does not show an increase in risk even though it is part of the same route.

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“In the Alert Index, this is because the pantura cities between Semarang-Jakarta have better Tracking-Isolation Ratios and testing ratios than cities on the Surabaya-Semarang route,” he said.

Secretary General of the Indonesian Transportation Society Harya S Dillon said the distribution of the Alert Index indicates that the risk of infection correlates with transportation nodes. Therefore, besides enforcing regulated health protocols, quarantine, testing and contact tracing still need to be done.

“Remember, the virus is not picky, all can be infected and infected, not only passengers on airplanes or buses, but also private car users. If we are not disciplined, the virus will continue to spread,” he said.

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Regarding the high level of Covid-19 vigilance in the Semarang-Surabaya pantura route, epidemiologists from the Faculty of Medicine at Gadjah Mada University Bayu Satria Wiratama conveyed that the city / regency government needs to implement strict health protocols at each city / regency entrance. Especially resting areas, gas stations, restaurants, bus terminals and train stations.

This health protocol covers the separation of eating places / shelters for people from out of town with local residents. Close monitoring of identity data for people entering the area including those in transit. Then close the inter-city rat road and regular counseling at each location which is the entrance of the area.

“Collecting data on the identities of people who enter, including transit, is one of the most important components in handling Covid-19 in the area that is the final destination and transit point for travelers,” Bayu said.

The existence of a neat identity record will facilitate the city / district government to trace contact (tracing) if there is a case that is suspected to be from a travel agent.

About the Alert Index Kawal Alertness Index is a system that provides a relative picture of the magnitude of the risk of spread at the city / district level. The higher the score, the higher the risk.

The vigilance index assessment results are visualized in an interactive map that is updated every day, where the higher the risk of spread, the color of the district will get older.

This index is made so that the public is more alert after getting transparent information about the risks they face when doing activities outside the home.

This index also gives an idea to provincial and city / district governments where they need to focus their power and efforts to tackle the Covid-19 outbreak, whether in testing, tracing (contact tracing and isolation), or treatment (treatment and care).



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