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The president of the Pedemonte Foundation and a graduate in Therapeutic Advances on Cannabis Medicine, analyzes the context of approval of the decree that establishes the regulation of domestic cultivation and the sale in pharmacies of oils and creams produced with cannabis, a plant whose human use dates back to 10,000 years ago. “It was waiting. Now other perspectives are opening, hopefully with other heads, we can really show the virtues of a plant that has a very long path ”.


My approach to cannabis is from science. Many doors were closed to us out of fear, there was a lot of fear and prejudice to the investigation.

In addition, Junín enhances the medicinal properties of the plant and its transversal property, since “He touches different disciplines, from different points of view. I myself had to cross a barrier and cross my own prejudices, but little by little it was dazzling me. I started with veterinary research. He saw the potential he had and tried to share the things he discovered. At the same time I realized that the more I studied, I realized how little I knew ”.


“He faces the doctor who touches us and delves too deeply into our family life and personal situation. It really changes the paradigm, makes us go deeper and do another type of medicine. I hope the market doesn’t screw up too much “, continues stating Junin. “Many strains of the plant are needed to treat the same pathology, it is changing. You cannot generalize to a single strain of cannabis. That confronts the prescriber or doctor, to a situation that takes him out of his comfort ”.


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Finally, on the type of more comprehensive and personalized medicine that opens with this new regulation, and the vision of the so-called “patient”, the graduate in Therapeutic Advances on Cannabis Medicine, reflects: “The sick person is misnamed” patient. ” Sometimes you are not so patient when you have an illness or pain to overcome. You have to find solutions, calm down, rethink relief. You don’t just have to resign yourself to what the disease brings or to already known drugs ”.

This proposes a medicine that is a bit of experience, of living new experiences, and of being able to accompany each of the people who are suffering from something, looking them in the eye and trying to find out what the plant offers us that we can deliver.


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