Paris City Hall, presidential 2022 … things are rocking between Anne Hidalgo and the Greens

But which fly stung Anne Hidalgo? Saturday, the mayor of Paris attacked the Greens head-on while the elected socialist, who has more and more difficulty in concealing her presidential ambitions, needs her environmental allies to govern the capital but also and above all to chart its course towards 2022.

The Greens, who adopted their “roadmap for 2022” this Sunday, “advanced leftist formations” like the PS, “on questions of ecology”, acknowledged, magnanimously, Anne Hidalgo on BFMTV. But the Parisian councilor did not hold back his blows against his partners by firmly inviting them in turn to “progress on issues including the Republic. “Blame it on a hiccup linked to a vote, during a Council in Paris on Tuesday, on the project to rename a place in the name of Samuel Paty. As if to clearly show her difference with the ecologists, with whom she nevertheless says she shares a large part of the ideological corpus, Anne Hidalgo, did not hesitate to drive the point home by assuring “that she could not be a member of the Green party . »Atmosphere …

Lanterns for bladders

The attack was too brutal not to anger several environmental officials. Thus, David Cormand, former number one of the party, did not hold back his arrows. “Anne Hidalgo tries to pass the bladders of lies in the service of political calculations for the lanterns of the defense of republican values ​​… Simply unworthy”, tweeted the MEP.

This is not the first time since the spring municipal elections that tensions have appeared between Anne Hidalgo and the Greens. This summer, it was the “Girard affair” triggered by two elected environmentalists who demanded the resignation of the former deputy for Culture Christophe Girard, suspected of having covered up the writer Gabriel Matzneff, accused of pedophilia.

Republic, secularism, communitarianism … It is true that the terrain is particularly flammable at present, but it is also very sensitive within the Greens, whose culture and history are more marked by the “right to be different” than by the values ​​of Republic “one, secular and indivisible. “Participation, in November 2019, in the highly contested march against Islamophobia, behind their leader Julien Bayou, supposed complacency of Eric Piolle, the EELV mayor of Grenoble, towards an association close to communitarian theses … Reasons enough for Anne Hidalgo to want to set the record straight …

But by pitching up her environmental allies, isn’t Anne Hidalgo taking enormous risks a year and a half of a presidential election for which her personal touch would be precisely to combine, on the ideological and strategic level, pink and green? ? Beyond Paris, isn’t it trying to build, since this summer, a network of left-wing mayors and environmentalists including… Eric Piolle? “Anne is only expressing her own convictions”, insists on a socialist elected representative of the capital. Very marked by the Islamist attacks of 2015, the mayor of Paris is, moreover, in phase with Olivier Faure, the boss of the PS, who has been strong since his election at the head of the party to anchor the defense of secularism in the ideological corpus of his movement.

“One election after another”

But, in politics, convictions do not rule out strategy. “Anne does like the Horatii and the Curiati, she deals with one election after another, argues a Parisian elected official from the opposition. After the municipal elections and before the presidential elections, there will be the regional ones. However, there, the Greens clearly sounded the charge by leaving alone and choosing their leader, Julien Bayou, as head of the list. In this context, differentiating yourself from secularism is a rather well thought out tactic. “

If she commits for 2022, Anne Hidalgo could face her, another environmentalist, the MEP Yannick Jadot for whom, on the other hand, secularism is, as for the mayor of Paris, an uncompromising fight …

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